My brother

I only have one brother, we are close but don't see each other overly often. He lives about 5-6 minutes away by car. So a couple of months ago we receive news that there could be some more health issues. You see, let's call him Ron, (cause that's his real name) has been through lots of health issues since birth. Was born with talipes (club foot) however with a few years of wearing callipers all is good. Many minor health issues over the years then, at the age of eleven, diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He has born this stoically and never once have I heard him complain. He nearly lost a foot several years ago and the main arteries in that leg basically shut down. Surgery and a balloon in one artery has saved it. So we're going along swimmingly and then it happened. They did a scan of his chest and found a shadow on his lung. Now you would think this was bad enough, but you need to realise that in 2007 hubby had the same thing happen. Shadow on lung. Biopsy didn't work as lung collapsed. So result was, hubby lost bottom lobe of left lung. So you can imagine my reaction when I hear about my brother. Stunned was one word and many others. Biopsy was inconclusive (Shit!) PET scan was inconclusive (Double Shit!) They said that, fortunately, it was on the outside of the lung but not sure how it was attached and it could be attached to the abdomen. This could mean the loss of part of his lung. (Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit)

Anyway, yesterday he had surgery. I was sitting having a coffee with girlfriend. I was ok, keeping calm etc etc etc. Then I got an SMS from sister in law "He's in surgery now, I'll call you when I hear from Surgeon" I totally lost it. How do you cry and not disturb other customers in a cafe. Fortunately, it's outdoors. My gf and I prayed. Need to keep busy!

Sister in law, let's call her therese, cause that's also her real name, calls me later. Surgery went well. Mass was attached only to lung, and only by a string which they have cut. Excellent news. Excellent prognosis. Probably just has to have a chest scan every 12 months. *sigh*

God is good. He answers prayer.

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