My naked adventures – Free hiking/bushwalking/skinny dipping in Australia

Hi, I'm an avid outdoor person & try to get nude in the great outdoors every chance I get, in fact since August 2012 almost every work day when it's been hot enough down here in Australia I have been going on on a 2.5km return hike hike up the river on work lunch hour… I drive about 10mins to the base of the nearby Blue Mountains & park my car then run through the bush to a creek which takes me about 13mins to get there, then I have about a 10min skinny dip/sun bake on a rock & run back to my car then go back to work.. all squeezed into my lunch hour!

Here's a Youtube video of one of my runs through the bush:

As you can see from the video the track is quite rough with big logs to leap over & rocks to hop across… I have recently injured my knee while out running this track a couple of weeks ago so I can't do any lunchtime runs for a few weeks till I've healed the damage I've done ;(

The weather down under is starting to cool down anyway as we head into our Autumn season… however last year I had my final skinny dip of the season on the 27th of April & the water was still an acceptable temperature after going for a nude bush walk, here is my video from that walk:

I have found that in my area of Australia the "Nudey Season" starts around the beginning of Spring around the beginning of September & ends around the end of May, with our Winter starting at the beginning of June, some years I have managed a nude bush walk in the last week of May & even tried a skinny dip…. BRRRRR, too cold!

Back in November 2011 I went on a nude bush walk into a quite remote area of the Blue Mountains, it entailed a fair amount of climbing down some very steep cliffs to get to the creek below, I then spent several hours exploring the valley & sun baking/skinny dipping, it was very relaxing…. walking back up the cliffs was quite an effort & took me over an hour to crawl back up the cliff's, whereas going down the cliffs only took about 20mins…

I was asked recently by a non nudey bushwalking blogger to write an article about free hiking, it generated a modicum of interest, both in the non nudist & Nudist/Naturist world, here's my article:

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures & hopefully I've inspired people to get out there & try some nude outdoor activities 🙂


14 thoughts on “My naked adventures – Free hiking/bushwalking/skinny dipping in Australia”

  1. You have an incredibly beautiful place to do your noon time run. Nothing remotely like that where I'm from. Free hiking seems so natural. One can understand why some people would be too shy to do it, but it is impossible to understand why anyone has an aversion toward the human body. How did we allow ourselves to be indoctrinated this way?

  2. Great place to live Michael. We were up at the Blue Mountains at Easter. I forgot how much there is to see and do up there. We used to get up there a fair bit.
    Namadgi is about 30 minutes from where I am. I try to get out there for a free hike at least once a week. There's one particular track that's ideal. Usually nobody is on it. Last Friday there was a group I passed going the other way. I always have a sarong handy for those occasions 🙂 I'd prefer it if the law was a little less restrictive in those wilderness areas.

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