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As I wonder what all my textile friends are now thinking after the announcement I did this week by declaring that I was a Naturist/Nudist — I wonder what they are thinking of all the new friends I’ve been adding from my old Scott RedCloud account. This is coming from someone who never just adds just anyone, so new adds to my account are rare. I only add people I can connect with mentally. Then all of a sudden I’ve added a little over 30 people so far and the innocent textile account I once had, now being overrun with nudists. I giggle at this because they are now seeing a whole new side to me they never ever knew about.

On a mature level, I will need to be careful what I post on what is now my mixed textile and nudists account. To slowly get them use to my lifestyle and educate them by debunking what they ‘think’ or ‘stereotype’ are nudists and show them by example and in a respectful manner about true Naturism/Nudism. To do this, I won’t be posting in your face posts with images or liking friends photos with my now mixed account. I’m going to need to start slowly so they can get use to the change and truly see what the lifestyle really is all about. You won’t succeed in this by posting a nude photo of yourself and putting it in an ‘in your face’ way. You’ll only produce a negative vibe or feedback that way.

So far I’ve been working on my mixed Facebook profile with body acceptance posts and other things in that manner. I’m not expecting them to understand the lifestyle overnight so to speak. However, it’s going to take some time before I can go about posting as I did with my Scott RedCloud account. So in the meantime, I have made a public page named, “Scott RedCloud” that you may follow me there. As I respect my textile friends and family by doing this, I feel they will in the long run respect me for my way of bringing it to them slowly. Who knows, maybe.. just maybe I’ll have one of them message me and want to learn more — or better yet, would like to try it with someone they know like me for a foundation to work from.

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  1. Well said Scott. I like your idea of using one page for all of your friends to see. Even if your textile friends can just 'accept' your lifestyle, that is all that matters. They don't need to feel they have to join you, simply to understand you.
    "One day at a time" is the way to build things, like relationships!

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