My nudist story

First I want to start off by saying how much I appreciate those of you who liked by first bare-bones blog introducing myself to the Naktiv community. As I stated in that fist blog, my name is Grisel Quezada, I am 38 years old, I've been a nudist for over 15 years, I am happily married, and I am mom to three of the greatest kids in the world.

We are a nudist family. There are a lot of connotations that go along with that statement. It seems to bring out the pervs when you state that in a chat room or in a message to another fellow nudist that you are trying to get to know. And truthfully, that bothers the hell out of me. We are no different than any other normal family, other than the fact we don't wear clothes when we are home or at a beach or resort that welcomes nudists.

The main reason we decided to raise our family in this lifestyle goes back to my beginnings as a nudist. I was raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. I was brought up Catholic and was taught that the body was supposed to be hidden, not to be displayed or looked upon for pleasure. As you probably already know, the Catholic faith is excellent at installing a sense of guilt into anything that resembles pleasure. It also led to an extreme sense of low self-esteem in me. I'm not what you consider beautiful by today's ridiculous standards, and because of that I was always thought of as the least pretty one in my family. I have three older sisters who are all endowed with larger breasts than I have. I got the short end of the "titty" stick, as they would say.

I continued to feel this way about myself growing up and into adulthood. It wasn't until I met my husband, a wonderful, patient, and understanding man who taught me the true meaning of beauty. He tried to impart in me an understanding that it doesn't matter what anyone else thought or felt, it's how you feel about yourself that communicates to others how beautiful you are. Don't get me wrong, it took a lot of convincing on his part to get me to even think about going to a nude beach. We started off by being naked at home with each other. It was difficult at first. I just wasn't used to the idea of walking around with no clothing. Seeing my reflection in the mirror and feeling not worthy of his admiration. Whenever I saw myself back then, I would immediately think about how my breasts were too saggy, or my belly was too big. I was so self-conscience about how my breasts were not perky and how my nipples pointed down. Or how big my butt was. All these things were what my husband would tell me were his favorite things about me. I thought he was truly insane!! Everything that I hated about myself, turned him on like you wouldn't believe.

That's what got me thinking that maybe it's how I saw myself that was the problem. We talked more and more about being social with others in a nudist setting. Being that we live in Florida, we have access to plenty of nudist resorts. But I couldn't bring myself to go to one. In the back of my mind, I always thought of swingers when I thought of resorts. So my husband suggested we try Haulover Beach. It was quite a drive for us, over 4 hours to get there. But that day changed my life forever. It took me a little while to get out of the clothes once we got to the beach, but once I did, the feeling a freedom was overwhelming. We met several good friends that day. They all acted around me like they did everyone else. No different for me because my boobs were saggy or my butt looked like cottage cheese. They accepted me as I am and that changed my thoughts about myself. I became confident, self-assured and felt so much better about who I was as a person.

And that's the kind of upbringing we want our kids to have. To be confident in who you are and not feel less than anyone else just because of the way you look. The kids have embraced the lifestyle wholeheartedly. They love being natural just like mom and dad, and to be honest, we struggle to get them to put on clothes when we have to leave the house for any reason.

In my next post, I want to talk more about being a naked mom and what it means to me.

Take care and stay naked!!!


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  1. You totally got the concept of what naturism is supposed to be. About liking your body, acceptance and just enjoying it. I think naturism is appreciating that all bodies are not perfect and that is perfect enough to be a nudist. We all are different and all should appreciate and love with what we have. Congrats on your venture to the wonderful world of naturism. Keep it on the next generation!

  2. Well-written post, Grisel. Your story of evolving to a self-confident woman and mother can be a lesson for many of women and men who question their own self-worth.
    Your statement, "To be confident in who you are and not feel less than anyone else just because of the way you look," sums it up perfectly.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Finding the reality of living naked is something that very few people actually do. The majority of nudists/naturists are ones that undress when the weather is suitable, when the house is warm enough, when no people with clothes on are likely to see you, when lots of other nudists/naturists are around the place. All of these 'suitable' times and locations adequately describe a big part of the 'unclothed world', but not naturists.
    I grew up in a naturist family, although I don't recall anyone actually using that word 'naturist'. We just lived daily life naked, we got dressed reluctantly when we had to, but got stripped again the minute we could. Visiting friends & family all knew we could well be naked, dad & mam, sisters & brothers, probably all as naked as at birth.
    We felt distinctly 'obvious' and 'awkward' at home if we had any clothes on. We too knew the freedoms & self evaluations that Grisel describes in her blog.
    Being a nudist/naturist is about the acceptance of the naked form, the comfort & love of awareness & self worth.
    No-one can judge us on quality of clothing or its shop value, no-one can judge us on fashion sense or style, all of that is superficial and nonsense. No one judges us on body sizes or shapes, big boobs, small ones, big willy or short stubby one, big belly or skinny ribs! We are what we are, personality & actual worthiness shines through.
    In essence then, thank you Grisel for appreciating true & real naturism. There are not that many real naturists around.
    (Now will come the judgements!) 🙂

  4. Self conscious body shame and low self esteem are like crimes against humanity. I think slowly that tide is turning as outmoded religious dogma increasingly becomes more irrelevant in the face of scientific fact.

    We are not a nudist family per se. If anything we avoid all "isms" like the plague because invariably they lock you into a fixed perspective of the world and that is seldom a good thing.
    Instead we encourage our children not to be ashamed of themselves or their bodies. There is no taboo against nudity at home or at the beach.

    We also encourage our kids to be open minded, inquisitive and to question the status quo. We try to teach them you should never settle on a understanding of the world, thinking that you have an answer to it all. There is no such thing and we all should be challenging ourselves to understand our existence at deeper and deeper levels. Simply start by truly understanding and learning about yourself. That will enable you to better understand others. Rather than seeing their differences you are far more likely to see their similarities.

    Great post 🙂

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