Naked Crow

Yes, I've done it. I've written a book that features naturism, and I did my best to put it in a positive light. It's also a fantasy book. The book's written, but not finished as I still need to spell-check, edit and so forth. I did make a cover for it already, and here's a preview for you:
Cover of "Naked Crow"

The text for the back-matter I've come up with so far:

Sheila is a dental assistant with an normal life, until one of her friends goes missing and the police face a mystery. Her friend Josy went missing in a naturist resort and there is no trace of her. Sheila, who discovers a special ability within herself, decides to find Josy herself, but for that she will have to go into the naturist resort – and shed her clothes!

(As this is an entirely different genre than what I usually write, I chose to use a pen name for this one.)

Why this book? There are not enough books that feature naturism and nudism, and certainly not enough of them that put the subject in a positive light. I got the idea after reading a great story that does (Naturist, red in tooth and claw).

I hope to make a bit of a difference with this book. I'll keep you posted when it's out there.

Note: On my site I received a comment that the woman in the image is too sexy and pretty to be considered a real nudist/naturist. What do you think? She is the way I want her for the cover. Putting a movie star on there is not real, but this woman (I bought the image) is not an exaggerated beauty in my eyes. Also, she has a scared look, which fits the story. (But only I know that so far.)

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  1. In one way, too much focus on the cover in the commentary here. In another way, that is 90% of what we have seen of the book so far. Of course, the cover is what will move people in many cases to buy the book, pick it up and read it. I believe that you have struck a nice balance in your choice Paul. Very attractive, yet very believable. I would also be pleased to be a test reader for you if you are looking for help in that regard. Good luck with your project.

  2. The worried look is good and strong and so what if she is attractive. Presumably her appearance and personality will be part of the story and unless she is depicted as someone who looks unattractive what is the problem.

  3. The woman is not at all too pretty, she's – in my humble opinion – about average by Dutch standards…, but maybe our standards might be a bit deviating from others. I don't know if this will help, but it's just my two cents.

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