Do you shave? I don’t mean just face or legs. Do you ever get a haircut? Trim your nails? What is natural?

I have a number of tattoos, and supposedly, the presence of these body modifications will keep me out of Heaven according to some religions. Piercings also are no-nos. Oops! Natural means different things to different people. Armpit hair on women is a turnoff for some guys, moustaches on men are a turnoff for some women. (For the record, if it doesn’t stink, she can braid it for all I care) Natural is a bogus concept. Nobody is 100% natural, or even 75%, c’mon, seriously? Your hair would be an unkempt mess, you’d smell like a skunk and in all honesty, you’re never going to be all natural unless you go feral and live in a cave.

So, what is the big deal about being natural? Nudity is natural, not always practical, but it is a natural state. And that is as natural as you’ll get. Period. The big deal about other things people see as natural is their own hang up. They don’t like it, it’s not natural. So, do you walk everywhere? Live in a house, eat in diners or cafes?  Natural is not about having no piercings or tattoos or not coloring your hair or not shaving. Natural is living in harmony with nature. It’s being authentic. When I don my hippie clothes for a festival or strip for a hot spring or hot tub or Beltane gathering, I am doing what is in my nature. So, you don’t like George’s Prince Edward, don’t look at it. You don’t like women who have hairy armpits, too bad, she just may be a wonderful person you’ll never meet. You want tolerance? Then practice it yourself.


4 thoughts on “naturally”

  1. Natural is a useful concept, but it’ a relative one and people will always argue over the details. When I walk in the woods, barefoot, and cast off my clothes, that feels natural. It is about the quality of connection with nature. When I wear clothes, it is less so, especially if those clothes are made out of synthetic materials. When I get in a car, burn fossil fuels extracted far away in the arabian desert, that feels far from natural. There is of course an argument that everything man made is also natural, but then the term ceases to be useful.

    Decoration of the human body is entirely natural and has occurred for thousands of years, although of course it depends on what you decorate your body with. Tattoing is part of that. Shaving regularly with a razor, using deoderants is less so. Ultimately, everything unnatural in my mind is something which seems to disconnect us from nature and to cause damage to it.

    Of course, almost none of us live a natural life, except perhaps relative to the next person. We all need to learn how to harm nature less. But what doesn’t harm nature ( including other people) is harmless and, dare I say, natural. So, no-one can have cause to object merely because they don’t like your artwork.

  2. Good point. If you were ever vaccinated, had dental work (anything from fillings to extractions and full dentures), or even ate any food combination not found in nature, then you’re no longer natural. Don’t worry about what other people are doing to themselves – it’s none of your business. Set your own life up the way you want, and let others do the same according to their lights.


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