10 thoughts on “Naturism and Nudism are no guarantee of being a moral or ethical person.”

      • No it is not sharing, it is redirecting someone to a different site. Richard Foley has put a huge amount of work into putting this excellent blogging site together, why don’t you respect that and post your blog on here? And instead put a link to your personal blog site into your profile, like everyone else?

          • Sharing means sharing experiences and media on this excellent blogging platform. It does not mean taking advantage of this sites enormous membership to get hits on yours. comprendez?

        • Thanks for your concern, Kieran.

          The Naktiv site has always tried to operate in an “open” way, to encourage people to share, both via links from here to their blogs, and also via links from their blogs back here. You will see when you browse other people’s sites whether the traffic is predominantly one way, or the other. This for me has always been the telling factor.

          You’ll also find that there are always people whose only intention is to abuse the privileges they have been freely offered. With declarations of amicability some of them only ever manage to take in one direction and never or rarely to give back. It’s a feature you will find of certain personality types which the internet will not eradicate.

    • Posting links to outside articles has long been permissible on Naktiv and I don’t think that policy has changed under the new incarnation of this site. Skyclad Robert’s articles are always welcome here in my opinion.

      • I understand the logic of sharing links as part of a blog and posting links to outside articles. I disagree with using a blogging resource to divert people to a different blogging resource. It’s just bad manners!

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