Nephew, his spirit freed now.

My nephew Keith (one of Lorraine's children) grew to be a fine broad build young man, his physique was toughened by his many hours of tough manual labour, he worked in some heavy haulage companies & also had a spell on cargo dockside work. It was always a credit to him that he earned his wages by honest reliable work wherever that was. Of course he had his moments of madness with his passion for whisky, but he soon learned how to control that, before it controlled him. In his late 20's he met a woman who really took his heart & steadied his life, she was an 'earth spirit' and loved a diet only of natural foods grown locally & she rejected processed or 'manufactured' foodstuff of any kind. "Dempsey" was a good equaliser for Keith and together they set up a home and soon, after a tortuous pregnancy, a little girl was borne to them. Maisy Lorraine, partly named after Keith's late mother. Keith returned to driving and soon began travelling the roads of the UK and sometimes into Europe. The hours were long but the income was great! Their daughter grew quickly and soon proved to be above average intelligence and a talented singer! She truly worshipped her daddy.
One day in late August 2014 Keith was returning back to Hull and the end of a long week travelling across England, as he came within 4 miles of the city centre he suddenly got a fiercely painful headache, then more worryingly his vision became very distorted & blurred. With determination & a small miracle no doubt, he managed to safely stop his huge vehicle at the roadside, before letting out a yell of pain as his head & eye pulsated. He managed to phone his dad and give him his location, his dad knew that this must surely be an urgent situation, as he set off to race to his son's side he called for the emergency services to meet him where his son's truck was stopped.
A short while later after a full emergency race across the city, Keith was rushed into the neuro-surgical unit and as suspected it was soon confirmed that he had a massive tumour on his brain! By this time I was also at his side, the son of my sister Lorraine was in a very critical situation, his partner & their child were racing across the city too. His sister had began her frantic journey many miles across England from Nottingham to Hull. It was soon decided by senior consultants that emergency brain surgery was Keith's only hope of surviving. My heart ached & my soul felt ravaged as the lad was put onto a trolley and taken for theatre preparation, I felt too raw & emotional to cry, this was so bad, so wrong and totally wrecking.
Some 7 hours later a gowned theatre operator came to Keith's assembled family, Lisa had arrived and she sat holding so tightly on to me. Then came the devastating news, although Keith had survived a procedure to remove a large egg shaped tumour, the hurtful truth was that there was an amount still embedded inside his brain and it would be far too dangerous to attempt to remove it. After what seemed like hours of discussion, questions and floods of tears, we all came to realize that a cancerous growth was living and growing in his head! A certain death sentence had been bestowed on him by the big 'C'.
Though he received the best possible medical attention, hours, days, months of every hope & care that could be given, it was just 14 months later that the soul & life left his earthly body. Keith died on 19th October 2015. So did a part of me, now from his mothers womb to his eternal spirit world he has gone. Lisa was wrecked in grief and her own life was in torment, her mother had gone, soon afterwards her beloved 'Grandma' (my mother) had passed over too, now her only brother had far too soon left this earth.
We live on it's true, we find a way to come to terms with the loss of love from special people, but we know the spirit world shares them now and their love truly has no boundaries, in time we will share that eternal love, in a different kind of place to this. On earth we only live in the hearts of loved ones, on a journey, a journey that has no predetermined length, but has a time.

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