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How to become a Naturist in 5 steps or less

1) Remind yourself, that being naked is never a sexual statement: “Naturism is to be close to nature and attentive to natural elements. For ourselves and for those around us the way nature and life was intended. Nude is natural. Life is too short, try Naturism! It has been proven to have many health benefits.” This quote speaks for it’s self and I have always stood by it. You have to separate the fact that nudity does not equal sexual-ism and they are two completely different acts. Naturists will not look at you in a sexual way. They will look at you just like a textile would look at another clothed person.

2) Be comfortable with your body & yourself: Don’t be ashamed of yourself or your body. Everyone’s body is different and we all have our own scars, flaws, etc. Don’t feel because you don’t have that perfect body people will think different of you because they wont. We look at each other equally and never judge others because we already understand this.

3) Start your first experiences at home: Starting at home is the best way to start because since its your house and your rules — your house is your castle. Just be yourself as if you were clothed and go about your daily routine at home with chores, watch a movie — whatever you do regularly at home. I just would not suggest you walk outside and wash your car, mow the lawn or other things if you live in an area that has a dense population around you… especially kids. Keep it indoors unless you live somewhere that you know you will not have this problem.

4) Visit a Naturist/Nudist Beach or venue: I highly recommend you try a local Naturist venue over a nude beach but others can beg to differ when it comes to a first public experience. The reason why I say that is my local Naturist Beach is not always the best first experience here in Montreal due to people who like to stare at others. but if your okay with this and are able to block them figures out then its your choice. I recommend a venue that is certified by federations such as, The Federation of Canadian Naturists, Federation of Quebec Naturists, American Association of Nude Recreation, British Naturism, New Zealand Naturists Federation, Australian Naturist Federation, Etc. Check their websites and they will have links to venues that they have certified. A common question is asked ALL the time… “what if I get an erection?” The simple answer to this is as follows. It would be normal to get an erection but your actions count what you do when you do have one. Either simply turn over on your belly on your towel until it passes or take a dip in the cold pool/water until the situation is under control. don’t worry too much if someone notices, what counts is that you took action to conceal it so that you can learn to better control the situation. some people get erections for the first time in public not because they are sexually aroused, but because it is such a wonderful first time experience for a first timer to be natural around others and sometimes things just pop up. don’t worry this is a temporary thing. you’ll get over it and it wont happen anymore as you practice social non-sexual Naturism.

5) Support and become a member of your local Naturist federation and local venue!: Once your comfortable with Naturism and you feel this is a lifestyle for you, I would suggest you support your local Naturist federation and or local venue. It don’t usually cost too much and you can benefit with member prices rather than visitor prices that can be much higher. Keep in mind you can also sometimes get an even better discount or sale as a couple. either your a straight couple, bi, gay, lesbian, etc, etc. In most cases it wont matter. a couple is a couple in many places. Remember many Naturist venues allow couples only! Don’t be offended by this because its to keep a gender balance at the venues.

I hope I have answered most of your questions for the new people who are thinking or trying Naturism/Nudism. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a comment and I will answer you the best I can.

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