Generic info for every NEWT (Naked European Walking Tour). Please also check out the recommended packing list

Dates: The route is expected to take approximately one week, from start to finish, and usually takes place during the first week of July - for precise dates and for further relevant information, check the appropriate year on the website: NEWT 2018

Location: In the European Alps, one week's naked hiking, usually somewhere within a vague triangle between Munich, Innsbruck and Salzburg.

Accommodation: The current format is to use a static mountain hut which will have a comfortable fully equipped kitchen, dining area, showers and WC, electricity and be accessible by car. Bedding will be provided, but bring your own sheets or sleeping liner. Staying in a hut we will organize our own breakfasts and lunches. We will probably pool together for the evening meals.

Route: Actual Route and Starting Point is TBD., (to be decided - each year).

Difficulty: While the specific route is undefined until the week of the walk, we intend on choosing pleasant trails, using well marked paths, up and down various alps. We won't be doing anything too severe, although it should be remembered that we'll be walking in the mountains, so good boots and a reasonable level of fitness are recommended. The intention is to keep the walking within the limits of the group that participate, in particular to encourage the fairer sex to come along, as a mixed group is always worth encouraging.

Clothes: Most of the time we intend on being naked, along the mountain paths and across the summits too, weather permitting. Clothes are usually worn when walking through villages and/or visiting hostelries and gasthofs. The usual guideline, (not a rule), which seems to work well for most situations, is: tarmac = clothes no tarmac = no clothes

Weather: The sunshine in the European Alps can be very strong, especially at altitude. Sun cream and physical protection, (hat, sunglasses, etc.), are strongly recommended. The weather can change remarkably quickly in the Alps, an emergency blanket may be useful, as will either a rainproof or umbrella, or some similar weather protection material. We might not want to wear clothes, if we can help it, but they can sometimes be very useful, naturally.

Insects: Mücken are European mosquitoes with very long, and sharp, noses. They drift about with only one aim - to stick their needle-like proboscis into your exposed skin. Anti-mosquito fluid is to be recommended as part of your essential walking kit anytime walking in the Alps outside of winter.

Accommodation: The intention is to camp in a single location, OR stay in a hut, for the week. This means we do not have to carry too much each day, only day food (lunch/snacks) during the walks. However, as with any mountain activity, it is essential to carry spares in case of unforeseen circumstances, (just-in-case). Having a day's food in reserve at all times is to be recommended. Each person should ensure their own water supply is sufficient for their own needs.

Media: This is not a private/secret nudist club walk. Please don't be motivated to come along by the photos on these pages and then complain that you don't want your photo taken, anyone coming on a NEWT implicitly accepts the idea that we will be taking photos of these adventures, and we will then publish them to encourage others, like you, to do likewise. Of course if you are by nature photo-phobic and still want to come along then the best I can politely suggest is that you hide behind a tree whenever a camera appears. Naturally we always take into consideration such points as "this is my good side", "please don't do a close-up of the pimple on my nose", "no photos when I'm bending over, please", and similar reasonable requests.

Disclaimer: This is an informal hike organized by like-minded people with a common interest (naked hiking), no official status or guiding is implied or undertaken. Even so, it is expected, for safety and mutual co-operation, that people follow the guidance of the organizer, and walk sensibly between the lead hiker and the volunteer tail-end-charlie. Finally, please note that this is not a protest march, this is merely a walk through a fantastic chunk of our environment with less encumberage than most people consider necessary.

To read how to register your interest, for joining a future hike, please check out the NEWT 2018 page.

See you there :-)