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I was raised in the South, as in Land o'Cotton, Dixieland, plantations and all the other uncomfortable reminders of That War.
I have been away from that area, except for an occasional visit for over twenty years. Okay, now that I have established my Southern cred, there was an old joke about the difference in nude, naked and nekkid. Nude isnwhen there's an artist in the room. Naked is when your changing clothes in a locker room, a spouse/partner or a doctor is in the room. Nekkid was when you were up to mischief, ie. skinny-dipping with cousins.
We have our silly moments. Getting nekkid can be fun. That forbidden nekkid drive in the country. The Run for the Breakers, even though it's legal, there is something about it that seems kind of naughty.
And that naughty aspect makes it fun. It goes beyond exhibitionism. It is a chance to be silly. To feel an adrenaline high that comes from doing something the public or your boss may frown on, and that is kind of cool and yet…

We want nudism to be accepted and considered normal by the public at large. We can see the benefits.
Should legal nudity become a normal beyond bare breasts in New York City or Berkeley, then yay!
But admit it, we would all miss an occasional chance to be naughty.

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  1. Fer sure, Tim! That's why it's called skinny-dippin' not nude or naked swimming (which is for northerners*, and their community pools! ;). *refraining from using that 4 letter word Yank. Lol! (Actually I enjoy making fun of Southern culture as much as anyone. 😉

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