nude abroad

Nude Abroad

This is the tale of my first time going nude sun bathing on a beach in a foreign country, Tenerife one of the Canary Islands.

The weather here in the UK has been horrendous from late November through December 2013 and into January and February 2014. My 50th falls in February so I planned a short break to somewhere where the sun is guaranteed to shine anytime of the year. A quick search on the internet and found four days in Las Caletillas, Tenerife, flying from Bristol.
Researched Las Caletillas, it’s mainly a small town and popular with the holidaying Spanish so not spoilt with British commercialisation and will be full of local character but with no nudist beach near, car hire a must then.
My plane landed at Tenerife south airport on Sunday the 9th of Feb, on time 4:30 pm, and a very enjoyable flight considering the storms that were battering Bristol when I left. Picked up the hire car from Hertz, checked my route plan I googled before I’d left and set of for my hotel, 35 km down TF-1, junction 14 and a short trip around the town and I’m parked up outside the Hotel Punta Del Ray, checked in and found my room with a view on the ninth floor , it’s now 6:30 pm so unpacked and found my way around the hotel mainly the bar and time to make the most of being all inclusive! A beer and vodka and coke later I’m in the hotel restaurant enjoying a three course evening meal with what else than paella for the main course. The hotels evening entertainment was enjoyable an Elton John tribute and he sounded very good, a few more vodka and cokes then bed.
Monday morning 9:30 am after a good breakfast buffet I’m in the hotel lobby making the most of the hotels free wifi. Using my smart phone and my Nudist Compass app I search for a nudist beach, found a beach to try Playa La Tejita. Described as an expanse of natural, golden sand that stretches from Montana Roja on the edge of El Medano, the beaches on the south east coast are windy and attract wind surfers and kite boarders. Naked sunbathers tend to either stay in the sheltered cove at the base of the mountain or lie in little semicircular pits dotted alone the beach, there are sun loungers and beach umbrellas for hire.
.I download the directions into my sat nav and I’m ready to roll. I’m back on the TF-1heading south towards the airport, after about 30 km I took the road TF-643, drive 6 km and I’m directed into a small uneven car park.
A short walk along a sandy path and I come across the beach and the sun loungers at the base of the mountain, feeling uneasy as this is my first time sunbathing nude abroad I’m looking about to see if anyone else is nude here.
Scanning the beach for anyone nude but no luck, just walkers with there dog a jogger and some more people clothed walking up and down the beach this is not giving me any confidence to strip off and get some of that sun I’ve travelled 1750 miles for! I realise the time in my excitement to get here I haven’t taken note of the time 10:15 am, a bit early for getting undressed.
I stroll along the beach to see who’s about, I notice the pits that are described in the beach write up, this reminds me of my local beach, Kenfig Burrows in S,Wales, after a short walk I see a couple sheltered in one of these pits and they have stripped off, oh joy this must be the right place, I turn about and head back along the beach towards the mountain another couple walk my way and make camp in another of the pits, I look around and see a pit I could use.
Finally I’m abroad and now lying naked on a beach getting some winter sun and forgetting about the storms battering the UK. I’ve now been lying here for about an hour and have notice a few textiles walk by and not take any notice of the nude sunbathers and now some naturists are jogging along the beach too it seems nudity is excepted here and taken as normal shame that can’t be the same everywhere.
I deicide to move to somewhere different to find a new spot and as the beach is filling up it’s a chance to see more of the beach and who is using it, also I have brought with me my snorkelling set, so the coved beach should provide quiet water to snorkel.
I walk towards the foot of the mountain passed the sun loungers and umbrellas, they are filling up too and very mixed, some are lying there naked and some in swim wear both not taking any notice of each other but just enjoying the sun. Time to put my flip flops on as I now have to cross the rocks to the cove but there is a path and some new steps down into the cove, this part is all nudist and already half full, I find a spot and settle down to some more sun.
A few have taken to the water and seem to being really enjoying the feeling of nude swimming, I think it’s time to try nude snorkelling, in I go cold at first but once your in and under you soon feel comfortable, snorkel and mask on and away I go.
This was the best part of the day here I am naked, snorkelling in a cove on Playa De La Tejita, Tenerife, the water is crystal clear and soon im swimming with Sholes of fishes, can life be any better than this I think, all my worries about being nude abroad are now well put to rest.
If you have tried a nudist beach at home then don’t worry because there are nudists all over the world, and with some research you can find a good local nudist beach somewhere and get to enjoy your nude holiday.

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  1. This is two different things. One has to do with culture. The US is conservative and their conservative is right of anything most people would call conservative.

    The other thing is that people will act more freely in a foreign place because they have some anonymity. So many Americans go to the Caribbean to be nudists for a week or two. We have met lots of them.

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