Nude short movie

I hope you can watch this vid, it is dutch but i'm sure you understand, Eight-year-old Erik goes for the first time in his life with his mother to the sauna. If he is there, he stares his eyes out. He sees a lot of different people who are naked. He studies them uninhibited but thoroughly. Upon departure comes a girl inside that sweet laughs at him.
at night this girl reveals herself to him in his dream.

Feel free to comment if this is a good of bad way to promote nudity.

8 thoughts on “Nude short movie”

  1. This video is really good. It's a nice look at what really happens at nude spas, parks, resorts etc. with really good camera work. It's nice how it follow the little boy and how he adapts to it. It's also kind of funny that this is normal for me IRL 😛

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