Nudism and Education

Patrick Thompson shared a photo and a comment:
A lovely painting showing a very natural scene, but it seems many still get 'disgusted' by scenes similar to this in our cafe's & stores. What hope do naturists have of being accepted naked in public …NONE!

Better education of nudism is only answer the way I see it. Don't hide, don't keep nudism a secret.

I was 9 when I 'caught' my mom in the same scenario with my younger brother. She freaked! I knew then not to discuss my nude feelings with her. By the time I was 30, we had many discussions about nudism. She even admitted to going nude in the house when it was hot and everyone was out of the house. Going a head more years and more talking, when mom was 88 she joined us at a club for 4 days and loved it! She always wanted to return, but passed before she could join us again. That is why I based my earlier post on education.

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  1. On hot humid days in Brooklyn NY my mother would wear a light thin gown around the house when I was young. It wasn't transparent but little was hidden. I learned from her there is nothing wrong with the body.She was fine with seeing me nude as a teen. My father was very different. I never saw him nude my entire life. I had to use the bathroom once while he was bathing and he very pointedly covered up. I was confused.

  2. Some of my family are naturists too, including a niece and her son. My parents brought me us all up as "naturists" although that word wasn't even known in our house. We just behaved in a very natural way, if we were naked then we were! Nobody freaked out at the sight of a nude person, I only have one "black sheep" sister in my family… dare I say… she's a textile !

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