Number 99.

This blog number 99!
That total is just mine!
So I thought about a verse,
A new blog is not my worst,
Poetry, as some will know,
Is what makes my soul flow,
Words in many shapes & sizes,
Written well can bring surprises,
So in this blog number 99
I though a verse would be fine!

Thank you for reading my previous blogs & I have read all of your comments along the way. I write each one honestly though often from a different train of thought. Sometimes a particular event or memory will spark me into blog mode, but often it's just whatever my 'word riddled brain' throws out. So without really thinking about this one I just set about this number as I approach the magic ton!
I appreciate the fact that you read my blogs & often tell me what you think about them. I hope they bring a smile, a nice moment to ease you through a few minutes leisure. In my reminiscences I reflect on what my life has been, up to now it has been a mixture of love & pain, but that is what life is all about, isn't it? My naturist upbringing may be fairly uncommon but it certainly is real & I am very lucky & grateful. I am also thankful for my life today, though I may have physical issues that cause pain & discomfort I have love, from my wife & my family. I also have my naturist community, in daily life & on the internet. So as another milestone approaches (blog 100) I say a massive THANK YOU! to everyone in my life today, in no small way that includes YOU!

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