Offended by a nude pic

What do people mean when they say a nude photograph is offensive? What do they really mean when they say they are "offended" by a nude pic. Do they mean they feel anger when they see a nude pic?

I've long thought about this and I'm sure nude photos don't excite anger. Recently I've seen photos on Facebook of elephants that had their tusks removed along with half the faces. The photos made me burning with rage against the poachers. I can say the photos made me very angry but I wouldn't say the photos are offensive. What kind of photos are offensive?

There can only be a few reasons why anyone would find a photo of a nude person offensive.

1. They find the photo sexually stimulating because they associate nudity with sex. Many textile people I know are obsessed with sex and for them nudity is to be equated with sex. When they see a nude photo, they get all excited and they can't function for the rest of the day. Naturally, they would be offended when they next see another nude photo. They know the sight of a nude photo would ruin their day – they can't help but think of sex and the day's work would all be left undone.

2. They were victims of sexual abuse and a nude photo reminds them of the trauma they suffered.

Apart from these two reasons, I can't think of another reason why anyone would be offended by a nude photo. Should we remove nude photos only because sex-obsessed people and those who need therapy for past traumas might be offended by them? Are our "decency" laws all based on the viewpoint of sex-obsessed people?

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  1. In the dictionary, offend is "to cause to feel upset, annoyed or resentful" it strikes me that many textiles are offended by naturist photos because they dont have the emotional maturity and confidence or self knowledge to expose their vulnerable bodies, so they are jealous of naturists who have that strength of character. If you are not sure of who you are, you might fear your body becoming aroused inappropriately in a social setting which causes embarrassment.

  2. I am only now starting to study The eastern beliefs and ways. I was watching something on Egypt the other night and the speaker said something that actually made sense.
    He said Humans are not hardwired for religion as the church has said for years. Humans are hardwired for spitituality. Religion is the business of spirituality.

    I think this is one of those questions that has no definitive answer. Ask 10,000 people , get 10,000 answers.
    But the discussion is illuminating.

  3. another thought has occured to me. In todays society if textiles pick up a National Geographic with stories and pictures of primative peoples nude or watch them on History channel or the like its ok because they are primative people that havent been "saved". But change the cover to a Naturalist Magazine or a documentary on the subject and it becomes porn or perverted.

    • I don't think it's a Christian thing involving "salvation" whatever the concept of salvation might be for the majority of Americans. That's because in my country where the majority are Buddhists and there really isn't anything on nudity in Buddhism, people are just very conservative. In fact, they are more so than Americans. They too would be ok to see primitive people naked on mags but the moment it's "civilised" folks, they get outraged. I think it's more a question of how conservative someone is than religious.

  4. For a short period of time I took naked strolls in San Francisco and I also walked the Bay to Breakers naked four or five times. This of course attracted the attention of some angry people who were "offended". One told me to remove the cross I was wearing. I said 'no' and pointed out his angry hateful actions were not Christ like.
    Most often men would point out that there were women and children present or ask if I realized that fact. I would ask them what would happen to the children and point out most kids wouldn't care or would laugh. How would they be harmed unless they had been taught shame? Women either frown or smile and give a thumbs up. They could not tell me what was wrong.
    The point is the complainers can't answer. They are upset and offended but don't know why. They haven't examined the lessons they've been taught.
    A christian or non-christian adult who is still living by the values he/she was taught as a child still is a child. They see the walls in front of them but not the floor plan.

  5. If you think about it in many cultures children rarely wore cloths until puberty, the entire family lived in one room and sexual relations went on without much if any notice taken.

    Then came the missionaries. preaching that nakedness was a sin and showed wantonness. Why did they do that? careful reading of genisis reveals , as Paul Harvey used to say the rest of the story.

    When Jehova discovers that they had tasted the apple, first adam and eve didnt die as he had said. Second his anger was greater because they had discovered that they were naked and were ashamed of it. He was angry that they were ashamed of their bodies, bodies he had created " in his image and after his likeness."

    Next he was angry that now that they knew of their nakedness they were covering up so he couldnt watch them romp naked anymore. Jehova was the first voyuer, peeping tom and pervert. And as the book says Man was created in his image and after his likeness.

  6. I believe the problem stems from teachings of various religions first. people are taught from childhood that nudity leads to promiscuity which leads to all manner of things including the sex trade.

    Second most of the fundamentalist religions equate any nudity with porn. And God forbid a child should see a naked body. They might ask questions, and those questions are to be avoided as long as possible.

    Third is the Barbie complex. We just watched a documentary the other night about a young lady (she had just turned 18) raised in the naturalist life. At the age of 12 she started wearing cloths again. she started looking into the Naturalist movement in young people. All thru the program she refered to herself as fat. I sat agast she was far from fat, no barbie but not fat by anymeans. I thought she was beautiful and well built. But thats how society conditions people today. That is also why we have lost so many to eating disorders.

    a comment i have seen several times refers to new nudists
    staring into the eyes of others to "avoid looking." Should we ever meet please dont be put off if we look into your eyes. we believe the eyes are the window to the soul and what is inside is far more important than what is outside.

  7. I'm not entirely convinced that people automatically associate nudity with sex. No doubt when they see someone sexually appealing, that might well be the case. Let's be honest here though. Most nudists compared to airbrushed pinups of impossibly perfect bodies aren't winning any beauty contests. With the utmost respect, sex is seldom the first thing that springs to mind when one observes the average nudist. Good looking bodies are far and few between, so sex probably isn't the first thing anyone's thinking about.

    That isn't to say that's not where the problem lies. There's a bit of a double edged sword here.
    In the first instance most people have been taught to be ashamed of their bodies. If you aren't blessed with a body most people have been taught to admire, you're strongly encouraged to cover it up. Please I insist, cover up for goodness sake. Nobody wants to see that.
    On the other hand we live in an era where obesity is an absolute crisis. Within my lifetime the combination of abundant high energy sugary food, greedy marketers and sedentary lifestyles have created the perfect storm.
    Body acceptance is one thing, and unrealistic ideals are another. Between these two extremes are normality.

    I suspect many people are offended by nudity because in many cases what you're seeing just isn't appealing clothed or otherwise. I apologize to those who might feel hurt by my bluntness. On a daily basis walking around town there are things you wish you could unsee. Huge asses in tights so tight, the owners might as well be walking around naked. Nothing is actually being concealed. Its barely being contained. More often than not, people who are so huge, you wonder how they even managed it. It's not so much obscene as it is appalling and pitiful.

    In my view body acceptance should be the first stepping stone to wanting a healthier lifestyle. Opting out of the madness of modern society and self indulgence, and embarking on a journey of a healthy lifestyle, and health orientated mind. It's my belief if you embark on that journey you'll accept yourself, accept others and it won't matter if they're dressed or otherwise.
    Maybe if people saw others naked and sex -was- the first thing that popped into their mind that would be a great thing.

  8. People who are "offended" by a nude pic are often people who have so many body-shame issues that they can't even stand the sight of their own body, particularly nude. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a neighbor-gal who has nice-looking legs, but finds them so loathsome that she wears pants almost all the time – in Florida, and even in the summer. She doesn't like that they are so pale, but she refuses to let the sun shine on them occasionally so they can tan a bit.

    • You are right. Body acceptance issues are something many people have. But I don't see how that can translate into feelings of being offended when they see a nude photo. I know someone who has issues about his penis size. He will never show a nude photo of himself but he's ok with other people showing posting their nude pics. So, I don't think people with issues of body acceptance would or should feel anger when OTHER PEOPLE post their photos. The girl who hides her legs because she's ashamed of them can't possibly feel ANGRY when others don't hide their legs, can she?

        • Yes, you may be right. Some friends of mine told me once to remember I'm a family man with two grown children of my own. Do I think I'm still a young man. In their minds, there is more justification for a young man to go naked because.. I don't know because of what. Maybe, they are looking for a mate? Again they associate nudity with sex and procreation.

  9. I think the main reason people get offended by anything is because they observe others doing something they themselves have been told they cannot do. I'm fairly certain this goes for almost anything.
    If for example you were in the park and came across a couple having sex, what would your reaction be? Would you be offended because you've been told this act in public is unacceptable and offensive?
    I'm sure you'd have some kind of strong reaction because this is an extraordinary observation, and something you've been told is taboo. What real difference does it make to you however? You don't have to look, but of course the image will be seared in your mind. "How dare they! How dare they be so brazen to engage in something I forbid myself to do, and would be too fearful of doing." I'm fairly sure it's your resentment of your own fear that causes you to be offended. How dare somebody be more fearless, carefree and better off than you are. It shouldn't be allowed. We should make a law against it. This is the way of the world.

    I'm quite sure if I did my evening stroll around the city lake naked, it wouldn't take long for police to arrive. Most people would think to themselves, "what does that guy think he's doing? He can't do that. It's not allowed!"
    I think offense has more to do with challenging the status quo and established balance of things than any real disgust at what they observe.
    When people say they're disgusted I think it has more to do with them thinking to themselves, "how dare that person think they're better than anyone else by breaking the rules"
    Don't you think that's the case? "Who do they think they are?"

    I think it's that which creates offense rather than any real analysis as to the actual impact. A passing moment of naked flesh shouldn't bother anyone. It's because we can't stand anybody being better off, or more comfortable than ourselves that it creates such a fuss.
    That at least is what I suspect is really going on in the minds of people.

    • Funny how your response didn't get into my phone but I see it now on my MacBook. You have an interesting answer and there's a lot of truth in it. But I think many people will call the police if they see a naked man walking in the city because they would think you are either insane or have some criminal intent. They probably think you might attack someone. Again they link nudity to sex and they assume you're going to sexually assault someone. But what you have said is generally very true.

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