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  1. Thank you, Andy,

    Almost every day, I came back and looked at your snow photos. There was something hidden that attracted me, but it was still undefined. As I have already experienced, the thing to understand was an obvious one: namely, thanks to the liberated body, we can access speech, thought, beliefs, feelings, that part of us that for simplicity we can call spirit. When we see an ox, we know it is strong; when we see a horse, we know it is fast, even we cannot see the strength or the speed. And so I think it is also for the “spirit”, our essence. Through the body, we can access the operations of the spirit. And the body, with its action, generates the vapours that rise to our perception and then operations. It is not for nothing that, by analogy, we have named super-alcoholics something like “spirit”. I am not saying that the body is like wine or a drug: I am saying that without the body, we do not have access to the spirit: there is no communication, no sharing.

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