Paesaggio bucolico

Appena veduti i vignaioli, ero indeciso se scattarmi la foto. Poi ho sentito una pressione interiore che mi ha spinto a preparate macchina e cavalletto. Ero ancora in tempo a scattare semplicemente la foto al paesaggio. Ma di nuovo da sole le mani si sono mosse a togliermi giubbetto e pantaloni. E ho scattato: avevo 10 secondi. Non sentivo gli sguardi: come fosse una cosa normale per me e per loro. Ora so che è una cosa possibile… nessuno che t’insulta, che commenta, che ridacchia. Però un po’ i polsi mi tremavano!


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  1. Thank you very much for your comments, Brian & Andy.
    As I explained, I did not “decide” but felt led by a gentle, inner force that ruled out reasoning. I can’t think of the courage in what I did. Regarding courage (quoting a king of ancient Sparta), I say that courage comes to us from what we do not want. I am so convinced that it has become an unconscious behaviour of mine. It also has to do with all the reflections on modesty in recent years. What I did not want was for modesty to prevail once again. If I think it is inconsistent and irrational, I don’t find it difficult to behave unconsciously and naturally. And perhaps the workers saw precisely this spontaneity and naturalness of mine.

  2. So natural scenery, great settings and peaceful shot Vittorio! Bravo!
    Sometimes the courage asks us to take a small step, which at the moment may seem big, even impossible, but which then seems small and unpretentious, but very important for us and for others.

    • Very kind Luis,
      The light changes the appearance of the landscape a lot. I have noticed that the best light is at sunrise and sunset. There is no one around; in the afternoon, however, you meet many people. I had noticed this vineyard, framed at the top by the black foliage of the oak and at the bottom by the morning long shadow. The result could have been an interesting shot. So I returned with my camera and tripod. But to my surprise, I saw that some vineyard workers were at work. The area where I live (Franciacorta) is covered with vineyards; usually, Romanians work there.
      At first, I wanted to give up and spend another day. Then I automatically opened the tripod, positioned the camera, and framed it. And now: do I go or don’t I? I didn’t wait for the answer and undressed and then took the self-timer. Naturally, the winegrowers looked at me: I could see their surprised faces and wide eyes. But they didn’t say a word to me. Some stopped to look, others continued their work. We were probably in two different and distant contexts so any dialogue was impossible. But we had one thing in common: seeing a naked man in the countryside is no longer impossible or extraordinary. Some people like it that way. I’m glad I took this picture. I think it helps to lower defensive barriers and prejudices. Indeed, it shows that coexistence is possible.
      Thanks for your attention, Luis

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