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Welcome to the Naturist Action Group.

Who are we?
Naturist Action Group – or NAG – was created in April 2010 as a campaign group with the sole aim of advancing naturism as a lifestyle of choice in British society.

What is our purpose?
Our purpose is:
“To promote non-sexual social nudity as a lifestyle of choice in British Society, leading to better health and well being among individuals, and to greater respect for oneself and others, as well as our environment.”

Using our website
The content on our website is free to view; you only need register if you want to comment on any of the posts. If you have a question about NAG or our activities, or naturism then you can ask any of the committee through the contact page.

For a more information on above then go to our website ( If you feel as we do, please click on the donate button.

Reg Barlow, Chairman, Naturist Action Group

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