Pants Win !

We had a good laugh yesterday with a 'joke' about our nude lifestyle in our home. We were at a friends home for a meal, several people were there because our friend prefers to cook for a lot of people rather than just two or so. After the excellent meal we all sat and just chatted, about 8 of us laughed & joked about a variety of topics, although no naturists were there the conversation took a detour to get around to us being naked at home.
Our host talked about security camera's they had put at the front & rear of their property after a recent burglary a few yards away. The conversation drifted around the benefits & problems of camera's, then one wit asked if anyone would have a camera inside their home to detect any intruders at night. Then of course came the remarks. . "Patrick wouldn't want to be on camera walking around naked!" Their laughter was gentle but unanimous. I of course replied, "I have been naked on camera many times and I care not!" a moments silence fell as I continued, "If anyone was in my home illegally they could get filmed and so could I, be assured though that I would only care about catching the intruder not so much about who was viewing the film later & seeing me naked!"

Our host called her husband through to join the conversation from his 'washing up duties' in the kitchen. Then he told us of him being caught in just his socks & underpants when he accidently locked himself out at the back of the house, it just so happened their neighbour (a police officer) had a spare key in case of emergencies and he had to come and open the door again!

So our nude activities were a talk of interesting & fun conversation for a while but we were knocked off the popularity charts by a man in pants & a police officer with a bunch of keys!

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    • I agree Greg, it is always the listener (or viewer) that becomes speechless. I usually ask if they get naked for showering or bathing, often they reply 'Yes of course, but no-one will see me!' to which I answer "You feel embarrassed by your own body? Well that's where we are different, I am not embarrassed by my own nakedness!"

    • Thanks Greg. That reminds me to what Latins said when one sees a Wolf ("lupus in fabula"): he immediatly becomes speechless. As if, when we speak about nudity whith others, we cought them with a dart exactly in their (hidden) thoughts. And that always happens, except among nudists.

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