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The Naktiv Network helps you connect and share with the Naktiv people in your life.
A. The Nook has, like any competent social network, an all-singing, all-dancing permissions system built-in and ready for you to use. The default values are fairly relaxed, as you would expect on any online social network, and is very similar to how FB. (for instance), operates. Eg; the default settings are aimed at people who want to share their content widely on a social network, (as per FB.), but you can apply permission to view restrictions as you please.

B. The Nook is NOT a private network, it IS a social network with excellent facilities for sharing and connecting to other online networks. Because it is the core view of The Nook that we want to PROMOTE simple and harmless nudity to the wider world, an essential component of doing this is being prepared for the great unwashed outside world, (which we want to educate), to see content describing the naked human body. Yes, images too! However, different people will, quite naturally, have different requirements for their personal intended audiences online, and if you want to post a private profile, which nobody can see, or only your friends can see, that's just fine too! Note that your profile photo/avatar is, (just as on FB), ALWAYS visible, even if your profile and content are marked as private. The tools are provided on this site, just as on other sites, and you can control them however YOU want. Anyone can post a link to anything, anywhere, but your permissions to view that item are wholly dependent on the site at the target end. It is essential for every user of The Nook to familiarize themselves with the available privacy settings and USE them appropriately.

  • Please note the following site settings:
  • Photos -> ONLY visible to members of The Nook community.
  • Profile photo -> always visible to everybody, everywhere, (very similar to FB).
  • Profile content -> visible unless YOU restrict access.
  • Groups -> visible unless YOU restrict access.
  • Blogs -> visible unless YOU restrict access.
  • Polls -> visible unless YOU restrict access.
  • Events -> visible unless YOU restrict access.
  • Do we see a pattern here...?

C. There is no point in complaining to the site administrators that someone has posted a link, to your profile for instance, on Faceache or Twixxer, and that the whole world can suddenly see your Nook profile. The Nook provides the facility for you to post your information here, and at the same time provides the facility for you to make it public, or to make it private, or to make it anything in between. This is YOUR responsibility. Do not come to The Nook and expect this site to conform to, or cater for, the secrecy of a hidden nudist club which is petrified of any form of publicity. The core Nook position is that we are here to promote naked activities and the acceptability of anyone seeing the naked human body in any context, as per the Naktiv Manifesto. Therefore it is to be expected that SOMEONE almost certainly will post links to, and from, The Nook on to, and from, other online networks and it's up to YOU to set your own level of exposure. Keep in mind that this is WHY we are here, to PROMOTE a healthy naked lifestyle to mainstream society, and you won't go far wrong.

D. If, however, you DO wish to restrict the visibility of your content on The Nook, (for whatever reason), there are multiple settings which you can leverage. Most importantly, probably, your profile can be restricted to viewing by only your friends, or their friends, or anyone registered and logged into the site, or everybody in the world. You will find these settings under Account->Account_Settings->Privacy_Settings. Additionally, every item within the site, blogs/photos/groups/polls etc. also has it's own set of privacy settings, and you have a choice of setting these individually, when you create them, or of setting a default privacy settings per item type. You will find these settings under Account->Account_Settings->Privacy_Settings->Items. Please note that there is little or no point in making a fuss by posting ineffectual privacy notices around the site, although you can of course do this on your own profile if you wish. It is far more effective to learn to use the privacy settings to control who can see what. Then you can sleep easy. Here is a slightly more verbose description of the *possible* privacy settings available around the site. NB. not all objects support all options.

  • Everyone -> public to everyone on the entire internet
  • Community only -> only members of The Nook community
  • Friends -> only friends connected on The Nook
  • Friends of Friends -> only friends of friends on The Nook
  • Only Me -> only you (nobody anywhere)
  • Custom -> your specific selection of friends on The Nook

E. Moderation. All good social networks have moderation teams who look after the users and, quite naturally we have administrative staff on site who can see all content, regardless of privacy settings. Moderators are especially trusted members who are authorized to use these facilities with the SOLE purpose of ensuring site rules are adhered to. Of course, using the "share" link available with every post, means anyone can share an item, and it's entirely possible for even a moderator to do this entirely by accident. However, even in this case, the item's permissions will still restrict viewing to the people permitted to view it, no matter how far the link is shared. This is why it's important for people to use the permissions system as it's intended to be used. Now, if you're NOT talking about sharing, but instead about someone explicitly downloading a photo and uploading it elsewhere, well, that comes down to trust. And again, on every web site the same issue can be raised. Including all the system administrators on Faceache, as well as every moderator of every group, and on every website all around the world. I don't suppose many people think that through though.

F. As a judge would say, there is no excuse for ignorance, so please take a little time to browse around the site, and learn to use the many helpful tools at your disposal. These tools are designed to make it easy for you to share your information with other people as widely as possible, but they are also here to restrict access to your content, if that is what you want. The control is entirely in your own hands. If you still have questions, the correct place to ask them is probably the Newbies group.

Cheers Smile

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