Porn is more important than education.

Porn star-turned-biology teacher who was fired after students downloaded her films onto their smartphones LOSES court bid to return to the classroom, according to the original Daily Mail article.

“A middle school biology teacher who was fired after students discovered she had starred in porn films has lost her bid to return to the classroom. Stacie Halas, 32, was sacked from Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard, California, after students downloaded clips onto their smartphones of her appearing in films such as ‘Big Sausage Pizza’ and presented them to school officials. Halas, who appeared in the films under the name Tiffany Six, was fired from her job as a science teacher after the video surfaced in March but had hoped to make a return to the classroom. She lost an appeal against the decision…”


What does this action/reaction say?

1: “We’re concerned about the moral welfare of our children and don’t want anyone associated with sex involved!” (We’re all “involved” with sex, that’s why we’re here.)

2: “If you do something in your life which we disapprove of, we will punish you forever!” (Making a mockery of any idea of self-improvement.)

3: “Downloading porn on your smartphone is acceptable behaviour for school students.” (Especially if they can learn to blackmail their teachers with their downloads.)

4: “Whatever you do is fine with us, unless you are discovered.” (In which case you are toast.)

5: “Other: some combination of these things, or something else altogether?”

What do you think?

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  1. A middle school biology teacher who was fired after students discovered she had starred in porn films has lost her bid to return to the classroom. Or, in other words the school is saying: “If you do something in your life which we disapprove of, we will punish you forever!” which makes a mockery of any attempts at self-improvement. Kudos to Stacie for trying!

  2. A couple of you posted parental reactions about a hypothetical porn actor teaching your children… for shame! A teacher these days seems more constrained by parental edicts than ever before. Let them teach. My English or Math teacher taught English and Math, not morality. That belongs at home… and church if you choose to send your children to those classes. In Psychology class or Sociology class we touched on morality, looked at in the context of the society in which we live. We also were exposed to moralities that are decidedly foreign, but never did the teacher tell us this is this and that is that… that is for the parents to do. This woman's prior career choices probably had nothing to do with her curriculum or her ability. As for the idea that she somehow lost the trust and respect of her charges or the staff, well, perhaps she could earn it back. Her dismissal – and the hysterical reaction from lazy parents – is yet another example of why the West keeps falling further behind in education. We're too worried about the wrong things in the classroom.

  3. This is sad. Porn is legal is not it? This is the same society that allows Porn that demonizes Porn. To me the real problem is the access kids have to Porn. Porn is not sex, it's movies. Harry Potter is a movie, as "Big Sausage Pizza". The real issue is education. Things need to be explained and put in their context. If this lady was a good teacher, WTF? There are tons of bigots who cheat on their spouse and get aroused by naked bodies, and go thru life seen as "good" people. I am surrounded by so called "religious" people, who go to church or temple or mosque every week and who act towards low-paid employees or some folks from other communities like morons. The world is just mad, and the worse piece is she lost her appeal. I was taught the world is not fair, it's just true… what a shame.

  4. I'm inclined to think the actual problem in this situation is the loss of respect the teacher has sustained as a result of her past activities. There's no doubt the outrage and hysteria revolves entirely around the "moral" issues alone.
    The fact a teacher was involved in pornography wouldn't make any difference to me so far as my own kids go. As Richard points out that has nothing to do with teaching ability. If however the teacher in question was in disrepute and the students and faculty had no respect for them, this would undermine their ability to perform their duties effectively.

    On the question of pornography itself, I can see sex as the next frontier if attitudes toward nudity ever drag themselves out of the neo Victorian era we call the early 21st century.

    Since participating a little more actively in the Naktiv site I've been able to work out an important aspect of what I started writing at the beginning of this year and would ideally aim to publish by the end of this year.

    When you analyze where attitudes, values and beliefs about right and wrong come from, you'll quickly realize a huge amount is inherited from less enlightened times when superstition and prejudice were rife.
    It seems incredible to us now to look back on history and exclaim "how could they have been so uninformed and dim witted?"
    In centuries to come people will look back at our age and ask themselves exactly the same question. We are as dim witted, prejudiced and naive as any generation that had gone before us. The primary cause is fear. It takes pioneers to break away from the herd and blaze a trail to fresh pastures. Eventually the rest will follow, bleating like the sheep they are.

  5. I would at first say that it was wrong to fire her, but if the kids have downloaded the clips, there will never be any peace from the kids, the parents, her coworkers, the school board and every other yahoo who cares to comment. Even if her work is beyond reproach it would be an untenable situation. Questions is … how would I feel if it was my 13 son or daughter that were in her class. Her views from her life experience would probably be enlightening, but I can't see her being a role model. It's a shame for her. I wonder if the reaction would be the same if it was a male porn actor instead.

    • I'm sure I'd be wary for my kids in the classroom too. However, I think I'd be less worried about the person who I knew did straight porn, than the person who pretends to be an upstanding "member of the community", and is really taking little boys out back after choir practice.

      Openness is what this is about, and the point is not so much what we have today, overnight, right now, so much as what do we want to aim for? Devious secrecy, blackmail and hypocrites, or something else?

      • Yes absolutely, porn fills a very real need. There wouldn't be porn or there would be a lot less of it if there was more openness about nakedness and sexuality, and equality between the genders. Since I have embraced nakedness I consume much less porn. What they should be teaching is openness and acceptance.

  6. Where is the encouragement to "change for the better"? The only encouragement here, from the school authorities, is to make sure your secrets stay dark and hidden. If anyone finds out anything about you, which someone else "might not like", then the system will spit you out just as hypocritically as it possibly can. Idiots.

    This attitude, (of it's ok unless you're found out), is essentially encouraging blackmail and secrecy, at all levels of society. Instead, we should be encouraging people to face up to their past life decisions and endeavour to make a positive change to their future life decisions.

    The hysterical response from the school board, simply kicks us all back to the starting block. It's permanent punishment for any transgression, at any time, and it's a sick idea which only plays to the mob, instead of educating them by way of a positive example.

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