Breaking cabin fever

Following is a belated entry from this past February, brought to mind by recent discussion initiated by Shane on the home page here about the comfort to be found in freehiking under various weather conditions. In a response to that thread I referenced th

First skinny-dip of the season

Today (26 April) was the first day to combine mid 60s F temps, bright sunshine, moderate wind, and time to play hooky from the office for a morning, in quite some time. Not having a lot of time, I headed out the back door and over to my local swimming h

Body Temperatures

I'm curious whether anyone else has noticed how much better the body is at establishing and maintaining a comfortable body temperature when naked, without feeling too hot or too cold.
I used to be extremely sensitive to cold, and with the slightest c

Changing attitudes

Today, in England, if a fellow walks down the street naked he is sometimes arrested.
We have had people in this country convicted (the lowest level court, not a jury trial) just for being naked.
I wish it were not so.
Why can't people see that nudity

A Great Day Out

I have just spent an absolutely wonderful day at the clothing optional resort south of Sydney called River Island. I've only ever been out here for day trips twice before. On those occasions it was a long walk, dip in the pool then off home again.

Nudism, then and now

A while ago, I wrote the following message to a variety of individuals. Because I was struggling with the nudist inside of me and I just couldn't handle the amount of stress I was causing myself.

"To whom it may concern:
I write to the authors

Odd thoughts

A weekly chore my wife and I have is sorting laundry. Yes, we all have to wear clothes sometimes, but I digress. As I stood among the dirty laundry piled into various methods of sorts, I looked down and stated "of all of my appendages, my penis is

The Naked Pilgrim

My spiritual path has led me to become a pagan.
I talk to trees and commune with spirits out in nature.
Plants and rivers and mountains don't wear clothes, and I find that if I am to connect with the natural world I have to take my clothes off too.

Our first time as Naturists

As first timers to naturism my wife and i thought we would try a short break first to see if we would like it or not, so we booked a weekend away at Pevors Farm. as we were waiting for the time to tick past we were very excited about going to a naturist r


Midlife is an interesting time.

On the one hand it's going to get easier now, it's all downhill from here. On the other hand, even going downhill can start to hurt the creaky old knees. After the hustle-bustle of courting, the toil and strife

Does nudity really matter?

Of what matter should one's state of attire be to anyone, whether nudist or textile? OK, being a Bostonian, I'm still kinda numb after yesterday's events. I'm not going to even try hard here to relate my thoughts to the subject of n

ART and Protest, Guerilla Galleries

I thought some people might like to see these pictures which I took at the recent ART and Protest event for a 3 day exhibition by Guerilla Galleries in London.

And this, a blog I wr


The categories need a little work, a simple two-level tree with a sensible spread/layout would be good to create that is consistent across the entire site. Currently anyone can create their own Blog categories, so please ignore these. I'm thinking es

Taiwan's Nudists

A peak into a place where you'd think there were no nudists… at least I thought that !


Is it your partner you respect, or their clothes?

Respect need not be a fear-based emotion, true respect begins and ends with character. Respecting a person's rights to hold a view is not synonymous with respecting their view. We can disagree in ge