Taiwan's Nudists

A peak into a place where you'd think there were no nudists… at least I thought that !



Is it your partner you respect, or their clothes?

Respect need not be a fear-based emotion, true respect begins and ends with character. Respecting a person's rights to hold a view is not synonymous with respecting their view. We can disagree in ge

German TV Film

This time a longer movie, about a nudistclub resort that will be sold to a owner of a clothingcompany.


Nude short movie

I hope you can watch this vid, it is dutch but i'm sure you understand, Eight-year-old Erik goes for the first time in his life with his mother to the sauna. If he is there, he stares his eyes out. He sees a lot of different people who are naked. He

The Naked Beach and the Police

Although the odd time you do see Police come on the beach with horses, they now just come if they are
called for an emergency or an altercation; otherwise they just stay away.

Here is an interesting story, which is the first time I've heard of it.

Beach Pervert

An interesting blog. I wish I was there that day. There are a group of us that volunteer and keep and eye
on the nutcases that arrive at the beach and I have seen many. One guy comes to mind. A black man on a naked
beach fully clothed pacing back and for

Toronto's Naked Beach

On any hot Saturday or Sunday, some of Toronto’s beaches will have you convinced we live in Southern California. Thousands c

Vacationing in Toronto

If you are looking for a place to vacation, why not plan to ride in the World Naked Bike Ride in Toronto
while you're here and enjoy yourself at the sights including Toronto's "Naked Beach" at Hanlan's Point which
is a 10 minute f

Parks Canada has announced…

Parks Canada has announced that a national park in eastern NB (Kouchibouguac) will set up a clothing optional area about 1 km. from the main beach. According to the Park Warden, Yvon Serab it is a test project to see if traffic at the park can be increase

Come out naked.

It can seem as though fear is what drives so much of what we call "society". Fear of what the neighbours might think, or what if the boss finds out (insert thing here), and so on. What a terrible way to live your life, in perpetual fear, just li