The APNEL association

The APNEL association β€” APNEL stands for
Association for the Promotion of Naturism in Liberty β€”
is working for clarification of the law on naturism in all countries.
The aim
is to stop nudity as such being equated with sexual exhibitionism.

The Naked Rambler!

An interesting In-depth article about Stephen Gough, who is once again
in jail for breaching an ASBO preventing him from being naked anywhere
in England!

EU nudity ban
It’s the continent that brought the world Page Three and nudist
beaches, but these images could be on their way to being banned on the
internet, beginning with a resolution at the Eur

Wild and naked in Scotland

I saw Scotland described as puritanical in another blog, so I thought
I'd say something good about being a naturist in Scotland. Living in
the Highlands, I'm surrounded by the most sparsely populated
countryside in the UK. Within a shor


Stephen Gough has been issued with an ASBO today. This has a direct
effect on all outdoor Nudists. I will allow the courts to control us
as a “Public Nuisance”. Once we are issued with an ASBO we can be
threatened with imprisonment. Is it time no

Urban Snowshoeing

The sun beckoned again in Boston after the big snow a few weeks ago,
so I called up my friend John P and headed over to the Middlesex Fells
reservation for a couple of hours of naked snowshoe hiking. John
knows of a forgotten corner of the park

To be offended…

A nice blog example of this topic in italian here; β€œTo be offended by the visual appearance of another person is prejudice, akin to racism. The right to exist, uncovered, should hold precedence over the right not to view this, for the objection is irrational.” – Terri Webb 1+