Loxie and Zoot

A comic about nudists? Well… yeah! ‘Cos nudists have adventures too,
y’know. Loxie and Zoot just wanna have fun in the sun… au naturel of
course… but not if their arch foe Tex Tyler and various other prudes
have any say in it.


Textile vultures

This is on the Italian coast – the heat is intense, the ladies are out
showing as much as they dare in their slinky bikinis. If you don’t
think these are slinky, try to imagine what they would have been
wearing around the time of the second world

Our environment

The environment is our word for the place in which we live. Pigs are
naturally clean creatures, in their natural forest environment – they
only get smelly when humans cram them into an unnaturally small space.
Locusts clear the very ground of eve