There is no currently active naktiv book project outside of the Nook social media network.

The best way to support naked activities in society is by the promotion of the lifestyle in a graphic format, such that people can see how much innocent fun being naked is, especially while engaged in any kind of everyday activity. Linking to related sites is always a positive step, so please feel free to repost or forward this notice on to any related forums, friends or relations who might also be enthusiastic.

We're always ready to accept material on any topic so long as it includes naked and active. The most recent naktiv book project theme was Naked Hiking. The format of the book is full colour with accompanying text, somewhat similar to the relatively recent WNBR book.

If you would like to contribute writing material, and/or suitable imagery, the first place to start is to read the FAQ and links, below, and then send an email.

To request an FTP account to submit material, (or just mail direct), send an email to: rich.inud[at] For more details about submissions, please see the following pages: