We're continually working on new projects here to help promote being naked and active in modern society. Here's a link to the current project. Topics might include: riding, cycling, flying, parachuting, protesting, art-installations, street-wise, shopping, office-work, labouring, driving, ice-skating, body-painting, etc. - really anything other than the traditional nudist lying on the beach pretending to be an old lizard.

All themes including naked people with any other topic challenge the classical nudist community to consider their position, as well as mainstream society, touching as it does on prejudice, acceptance of differences between people and beliefs, all the trauma of old and new getting along with one another, and tolerance of in-, or out-, by other-groups. Let's see what we can do by working together! Remember also that we could be helping to inform the world of the potential which nakedness holds for encouraging peaceful and co-operative societies, instead of rabid uniformed hysteria by self-righteous and judgemental moralists, so bear in mind that your contributions are one more step in the "let's address the problem, not just alleviate the symptom" process. Get naked, document your activities and contribute! To get a feel for the type of material we're looking for, take a look around the website.

If you'd like to contribute material, photos or interesting on-topic stories, to any of the projects, you won't be paid as such (this is an enthusiasts activity for most people), but you will get full credits, and web links, and a little bit of fame for posterity, of course. Where a book is produced, contributors whose material is *used* in the book will of course get a free copy of the finished book. Please be sure to check out the following pages: