Promoting Naturism in Asia

For the past few days, I've been posting censored pics of NEWT on my Facebook account. Censoring the pics is essential because of FB's rules and the law of my country. My FB friends include a few high-ranking government people, bishops, priests, monks and all kinds of people you would expect to frown on naturism. I posted the photos and explained what we did and what we saw. Most Asian people don't hike in the Alps. They have visited all the tourist attractions in Europe but they just don't go hiking. They must have found my postings interesting.

I have noticed one thing about my attempts at promoting naturism. Whenever I'm home from a naturist outing and I post the photos taken at the naturist resort or place and I show my face clearly, people tend to soften towards naturism. The fact that I'm a family man helps. People generally expect a family man to be more 'responsible' and more conservative in my country and they take what I have to say more seriously.

And of course I had a lot to say about what naturism is all about on many of my FB posts. My daughter told me that it was obvious to her that I was 'on a mission to preach naturism'.

And it worked. A few people I know who have all along been most upset about my earlier posts on nudity actually made a few positive remarks. Of course in Asia we still have a long way to go. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that anti-nudity sentiments are extremely high still and I did lose a few FB friends for the postings I made on FB but that's to be expected. I'll continue doing what I believe to be correct and if there are still those who are offended, well, I wasn't born to please everybody.

It would be ungrateful of me not to thank the many participants of NEWT 2016 and the organisers for the MANY photos they have shared with the rest of us. When I took hundreds of photos at NEWT, I thought they were the best naturist photos I'd ever taken in my entire life. Most of them were selfies. But when I started downloading the photos taken by others, I was simply amazed to see how much better they were. Most of the pics of myself that I posted on FB were taken by other people because they are so much better than the photos of me taken with my own camera. I want to thank all the photographers for taking pics and for sharing them. And I want to thank everyone who re-tweets my pics on twitter. What the world badly needs is a deluge of decent nude photos. Most nude photos on the internet are pornographic in nature and that may explain why the world thinks nudity is sexual. The only way to correct this imbalance is for there to be more online photos of decent nudity.

If my diehard anti-nudity friends can have a change of heart, so can others. 🙂

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    • Thanks. It would be great if people in Asia could just be tolerant of naturism. I'm not even expecting them to appreciate my effort. All I want is just tolerance but alas, even that is not what they are willing to give. It's about a hundred times worse if you live in a Muslim country.

  1. I'm glad to hear you and others are posting things on Facebook that promote nudism even if it does have to follow their rules and be censored rather than boycotting it. It sounds like you are having some success. Too many nude photos on the internet are erotic or pornographic. It seems that Twitter and Tumbler allow just about anything. You're right, there needs to be more decent, non-sexual nudity.

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