Reactions, louder than words?

I wonder what reactions people have had when they tell someone “I am a naturist”?  There must surely have been some very funny reactions and some, I guess, of just open-mouthed amazement! Maybe some folk didn’t really understand the word ‘naturist’ or whichever word you used.

We have had various reactions from ‘oh yes, well I knew that!’ to ‘ You’re not, are you?’. One woman literally just stood open mouthed & dropped the cup she was holding. Luckily the cup was empty, it landed on a cushioned chair. So please let us know the reactions you have had, or even ones you have known about.

3 thoughts on “Reactions, louder than words?”

  1. Just a few days ago we were visiting the site of an ‘ex-theme park’ piece of land where they are proposing to construct a “Holiday Park”. That will consist of a large number of chalet type holiday homes, a large open lake with boating, fishing & various other water based pastimes. Also included would be a theatre/performance centre and a large amenities area for young children up to 16 years old.
    We were being given a guided tour, along with 46 other people, a small group of 6 broke away for a quick refreshing drink, almost immediately one young man said that his favourite hobby was sitting drinking iced beer naked on his back lawns. Two of the group looked stunned until my wife joined in by saying, “We find it a little cool outside now so all of our naked days are indoors, that’s virtually everyday!” The stunned two looked almost shocked into statue like poses. For a minute or so nothing was said, then the main group sort of re-joined us. The tour guide looked at us as if we had created a foul smell and like a general marshalling his troop he took us off onto the remainder of the grounds.
    I don’t think we would be buying property there, it’s possibly too ‘overdeveloped’ and definitely too expensive.

  2. I’ve never had a negative reaction when I let someone know I am a nudist. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. Several of my friends immediately told me they completely supported my “lifestyle” and usually insist that I get comfortable when visiting. I tend to think they were trying to appear cool about it, but you know what? They are cool for accepting my nudity! It actually gets routine after just a short time too. So, all my reactions have been nothing but positive!

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