Last time i was a member, i posted enough blogs to be in the most blogs posted club. I posted 30. Yes, i m bragging. (And no i don’t capitalize i except when it is autocorrect). I say this because we all like to have individual achievements that probably don’t mean a thing to others, but to ourselves, it is just a moment of pride. No matter how small the accomplishments are, we can say we broke a record, or we learned something new, or we did what ever.  Like hot food that is hot with peppers and we can say been there done that. Not everyone is athletic , and not everyone is a talented singer, so we ger our wins in ways that some may see as silly, but it’s a win none the less. I am not talking Tide pod eating,  or seriously stupid challenges, though the core psychology may be there. (My psych studies didn’t get into personal motivations as much as it should have, actually not at all. A shame really  if abnormal psych barely touched on it)

For nudists, personal records may include, most days in a row naked, most people who have seen you naked in real life (quite a number btw, between art modeling nd hot springs and Beltane), and etcetera . Why keep such personal stats? For fun, and to help you realize your own accomplishments, no matter how trivial they may seem to others.

Your sense of self worth is important. You and i may never accomplish extraordinary things, but what we do accomplish adds up and in the end becomes part of who we are. You never know when some small thing may be the inspiration for someone else, which in turn may lead to great things.


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