Recumbant & Relaxed !

The opportunity to lay back and relax, soak up the heat of the sun with just a gentle cooling breeze, just cannot be missed. We just experienced temperatures of 28 centigrade here on the eastern edge of Yorkshire, England. A very, very rare occasion without doubt. Three adults who really should have had more sense, busied their brains trying to suggest things we could all do, to ‘enjoy’ this fabulous public holiday time. Each idea they came up with had merits, no doubt. An open topped bus tour around this genuinely historically captivating city ( Kingston-Upon-Hull, check it out? ) was for a moment considered, a very brief moment !

Then I glanced at my cuddly naked wife happily snoozing, I let my eyes travel over my white (but getting red !) flabby reclining body, recalling all the years of toil and poorly paid labour, all the medical trials and operations that have scarred this loved mound of humanity, then as I settled even more comfortably in position to absorb much UV rays, I decided this is where we need to be ! Let those with energy and sweaty clothes on, go off seeking any other pleasures they need ! We have simple needs… when the sun beams down !

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