Red maples and a hackberry tree

The landscape of the countryside that I see when I go for a short walk is now familiar. But sometimes it still surprises me. So I enjoy those moments, and in the meantime, I begin to notice a thousand things that I hadn’t noticed before. The red maple tree reminds me of Indian summer, the hackberry tree a legend about it; and then there is a green meadow a hunting post and behind the leaves a clear, penetrating blue. The air is pure; everything is clean – everything is how it has to be: this is the wonder. And I am grateful then to the sensors inside me that have stopped me and welcomed this independent life of nature. Of course, it would continue even without having noticed it, even without my presence. Nature does not impose anything; it is up to us to have antennas. That’s also why I want to get naked and take a picture because then I see other things too: at the moment, physical sensations prevail, an intuition. At home, when reviewing the photo on the monitor, the mind selects, compares, draws conclusions.



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  1. Thank you, friends, for your comments. I am happy with your appreciations. And I think I understand a little more what nudity and naturism mean. It means taking out of our heads the pride of considering ourselves the fulfilment of our desire, that we are masters of the earth; considering our “civilisation” almost in opposition to nature, claiming the right to exploit it. Clothes, like today’s face-masks, are the symbol of our supremacy statement, or rather, of natural distancing. It does us no good: we lose the sense of measure, of our natural perfection. We have never been able to do anything better than nature does. I don’t want to use nudity as a vehicle of whichever meaning. I like to see and have continuous confirmation that man, as he is, is in perfect harmony with nature and perfect in himself. without supremacy that separates us from the rest of nature and the other living beings, without boasting. All this is very reassuring, much more than the trust I can have in human “achievements”.


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