Right or Wrong

Curiosity got the better of me last night. I was invited to a nude get together. What was curious, is that it was a new nudist family. (Web friends)

When I arrived, I was met at the door by their teenage daughter, nude, and very open to whoever from the street seen her.

I went in, got undressed and pulled my towel out of my back pocket. (always carry a towel) since this was the first IRL meeting I introduced myself and met the family, along with a couple of other families and friends.

I then went on to question how they got started in nudism and why.

Dave (50ish – Father) – Me and Joyce went to the caribbean this summer and had a blast.

Joyce (mid 40's – Mother) – After going to the beaches and relaxing naked there we knew it was for us.

David (12 – Son) – Was told by my parents from now on we go nude.

Me – David, how do you feel about going nude?

David – embarrassed at first. ok with it now. (in a whisper) but get hard alot.

Me – That's natural. up to family rules how it's handled.

Talked with the other guests. The other families that were there have been nudists for a while. One family had 3 kids, the other 1. Age range for the kids 5-17

I thought it was nice they had a few singles there. All of us online friends. both male and female. (me not single but wife not into nudism anymore)

Over the course of the visit, one boy started openly masturbating in the living room. Wasn't shocked seen kids mastubate before, escpecially when puberty hit. The guests said nothing. Said boy did ejaculate into a tissue and then went about chatting with the other kids who were playing xbox. Don't know if I was the only one to notice.

I asked Dave what the house rules were for erections, masturbation, and general touching. He said it's open but don't play with the kids. !!!!

OK I am a nudist since I was born. When friends over or family (cousins and such) no playing, depending on the people, cover erections. The kids we let go (under 16) to go to a room and masturbate if needed. never openly.

I walked back to the bathroom and found a couple of the singles having oral sex. again not knew to me but now there are kids in the area.

I was the last to leave and wanted to talk with Joyce and Dave. I asked if they allowed sex with kids around? NO, it's wrong. I informed them of the couple in the room. They said they knew that and the kids were in the living room.

I asked about the boy that masturbated in the living room. I was asked if he used a tissue or towel.

I aksed about the daughter (14) who answered the door naked. They said as long as no one on the street seen her. She usually will stand behind the door. Their house is a Row style in Portsmouth NH. People were walking by.

Now I am not a prude. I am fine with erections from age 1-99. I am fine with pubic hair and without. Body jewelry, whatever.

I asked if I invite them to my place if they follow the rules and got a hearty yes.

Punctuation and grammer is not the subject here. Don't correct me LOL,

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  1. This story reads a lot more like poorly written child pornography fiction than like a real life experience. I'm not sure that it belongs on this site. I'm not sure that I want to belong to a site where this kind of fiction is tolerated and shared.

  2. True story or not, it does raise an interesting point over what is 'natural' and what is obscene and where we all draw the line.
    I have experienced places where an unintentional erection is likely to get you thrown from the premises, and an 'over 18's' venue in Kent where people can go as a regular naturist venue or indeed to enjoy sexual activities if they want to – and once you get over the society led shock of seeing public sex it doesn't seem any stranger than having to drive some distance to just enjoy being naked in the sunshine in the first place, and so much more natural not having to worry about the 'shame' of even a snooze based erection!
    It's fortunately not the sort of dilemma I'd face in my own household as I live in a family of 'textys', but if encountered in someone else's home I would like to think that (consentual obviously) sexual activity is only moving the line of acceptance slightly to the left – but each to their own and best not to judge I say.

  3. I think that it’s wrong it has not much to do with traditional naturism, where nudity and sexuality are separate items. Personally I think that allowing your kids to have sexual activities in the presence of guests is not done. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned but sex is something private. If they taught there kids not to feel ashamed for their bodies and all biological functions then this is fine with me, but they need to understand that sexual activity in the presence of guest can make your guests feel very uncomfortable so this is a matter of teaching them to respect others.

  4. It would be one thing if you found out about oral sex in the bathroom, but the facts that you SAW it because the door wasn't locked or something like that, and that no one seemed to care about the boy masturbating openly together make it clear this is not a naturist situation.

  5. I hope not to sound rude, but what you witnessed seems to me to not have anything to do with nudism nor family, but sex, dirty sex.

    For a kid aged 5 witnessing a sex scene can be life changing and it is sexual abuse in itself. I cant believe those adults didnt refrain from having sex so close to the kids actually risking to be caught in the act. I also wouldnt expect a kid to masturbate in front of other kids so casually, without none of them noticing, as none of the adults. If he did that, the family environment must be on a dangerous track.

    The all thing is worrysome, and to me it doesnt have anything to do with nudism nor freedom but with weird parenthood.

  6. We would not have been happy with anyone masturbating or having oral sex in that situation at all. We have been to many naturist households & on some occasions there were people from 5 years old to 80 years old male & female. In almost every situation it was very much family orientated and the only difference we had to most households across the world is that we were mostly all naked.
    There was only about two different events when females wore pants due to the time of their periods, but I don't recall anyone saying or doing anything even remotely sexual.
    We have people visit our home now & we rarely think of putting clothes on even if textile friends call, but our nudity is NEVER equated to sex in these situations.

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