Satirical video: What do YOU think?

Around this time last year, there was a militant vegan activist called Freelee The Banana Girl who sparked worldwide rage and scorn with a video she posted called "So what do YOU think?" whereby she said "Meat eaters don't deserve to live". She got a lot of dislikes for her video, and several people both vegans and non-vegans alike berating her for her attitude.

I thought it'd be funny to do a mock video (also called "What do YOU think?") in which I take the piss out her rhetoric to make it apply to nudists and naturists.

Whilst I meant it in a comedic way, it also drives home the point there is still very much an "Us vs Them" mentality in society where nudism and public nudity is concerned which is why nudity is still restricted to most homes and remote beaches and clubs. Wouldn't it be nice if the world could be a major cross between "Oh! Calcutta!", Family Circle and a Spencer Tunick photo-shoot? LOL! 😀

Here is Freelee's original video:

This is my mock video:

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