Secret Guilty pleasures

My "Secret Guilty Pleasure" We had a very good social evening of fun & games and just chilled out the way we always used to. No TV, no noisy music or computer games. We played some board games, did some group quiz games & re-lived stories we each recalled from our varied childhoods. We even had a laugh when each of us in turn described our 'Secret Guilty Pleasure'! Of course it's no longer secret once you discuss it, but there are quite a few surprises popping up I can assure you. You would think that a group of naked adults would have little to 'hide'!
For what it's worth my 'Secret Guilty Pleasure' seems quite boring. When there is a really heavy torrential downpour, lashing winds & rain just pounding down, trees being thrashed, bent & twisted, when it seems all the hurricane winds have met up with savage wet outrages, I just love to be out there, walking head down and battling against the tormented weather, completely naked! Yes, as bare as the day I was first born. Being out and feeling the forces of nature against my old naked torso is somehow refreshing, cleansing & just so 'in touch' with nature, I love it!
Playing all the party games that were the way of things in the 50's & 60's makes for a great fun event, interacting becomes the whole part of the pleasures, not glued to some entertainment gadget box, not clicking out text messages while others stand around with glasses of wine or bottled beers. No alcohol to cloud the senses and no outrageous comments of a sexual tone, just banter that gives good laughter and re-connects friends.
I reckon that must be my other 'Guilty Pleasure' that just isn't a 'Secret', I really enjoyed our fun & games gathering, good clean fun!

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