self judgement

We were talking last night. My wife and I. I tried Naturism this past summer. She was afraid to go. Said she couldn't participate because she didn't feel pretty enough. She said, "I am ugly, I don't look like the pretty women in the brochures. I'm old and flabby, and unattractive". I told her it wasn't about being pretty. She truly sees her self worth through the beauty compared to other people. She is 49. I'm coming up to 49 and there is that terrible thing called gravity. Smile) It's what it is..
She is stuck like I was before I went, focusing on the Nudity part. She is stuck on the self hatred induced by how her Textiles fit her, how they define her. Self hatred because she compares herself to the World. I just want to free her from that self hatred. How both of us can be healthier and love who we are instead of putting on that textile facade. It truly is a liberating thing. Textiles are so ingrained that until you feel life without them, you live in them in a prison, but you don't know it because you have been in it your whole life. It is this simple thing of stripping off your clothes. Something so simple, that most of society thinks is perverse, can reset you to heal. That's what I want for me. That's what I am hoping she finds out.
One of our friends is an Anorexic. I keep telling her to try Naturism. She thinks I'm nuts. I tell her it will reset her thoughts about food, about her body, her mind. She focuses on the nudity part. She only focuses on "People will see my private parts". She doesn't see it from the inside and how it will change her for the better. I think she also sees it from me…as this guy who might have other motives. Which is not the case..But, I wish I could go scream it from the rooftops. The demystification of the body, and what we adorn it with, actually hurts us. I wish, I wish, I wish.. That people could stop equating nudity with sex. That to me was my mental barrier. That is so ingrained in society that it is a huge sticking point. Solve that, and the tide will change with how people see Naturism. Easier said than done.

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