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My wife and I will be journeying to Ireland this September for a ten day vacation. The western part of the island, Sligo, Easkey, Connemara, Galway, the Burren and environs. We will be with a small group on an escorted tour traveling mostly by motor coach, and my wife is not a nudist so I expect that this will be a mostly textile adventure. That said, and with the understanding that I am no stranger to making my self comfortable sans clothes on a remote bit of trail or beach in places not known for nudity, I'm casting for advice:

Can anyone comment from first hand or near first hand experience about how nude friendly the Irish culture is? It has been 50 years since we last journeyed there together. I'd like to know what the prevailing legal environment is including how rigidly or loosely any laws may be enforced. Also, how the local folks think about such matters when the law is not around to make havoc with our lives. Thanks.


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  1. I think Irish culture is nude tolerant. Many regard nudism as eccentric behaviour and no more than that provided there is no exhibitionism or sexual activity. I know of no legal sanctions that have been applied. Park rangers (or equivalent) have asked nudists to "cover up", which they do until the rangers depart, and then strip off again. Everyone knows this happens. To take the matter further police would have to be called – which I have never heard of. The weather is not always nude-friendly unfortunately. The places you mention have many suitable locations.

  2. Hi Daniel, I've dug around about Ireland before in relation to naturism and we have a member of Naturist England who's from Ireland. Naturism does exist in Ireland but it's not as widespread as it is in the UK. As for the legalities of Naturism in Ireland, check these links out; I'd say proceed with caution but don't avoid naturism, there are unofficial beaches where naturism is practised in Ireland

    "Despite the unfavourable legal situation, no member of the Irish Naturist Association has ever been prosecuted for bona-fide naturist activities. In reality, despite what the law says, the police are not interested in taking any action against naturists provided we behave in a responsible and considerate manner. If you wish to swim or sunbathe nude please use one of the beaches or bathing places listed here or a suitable secluded area. Please use discretion and common sense at all times.

    The Irish Naturist Association has been campaigning for several years, without success, for the legalisation of public nudity in appropriate places such as officially designated clothing optional beaches. It is worth noting that Ireland is the only member state of the European Union which does not provide officially recognised public naturist facilities. Unfortunately there seems little prospect of this situation changing in the foreseeable future."

    Also, if you're a Tweeter, I Tweet a lot and find it a great source of naturist and non naturist information, you can glean more.

    You've got a load of time between now and September, to start Following Ireland-based Tweeters accounts.

    I've struck up a link with this lovely lot. They're super friendly and very welcoming. I'm definitely going to Connemara to see them when I'm next over in Ireland – and I will be, the place and people are amazing. You'll have a blast! You'll know that though, having been over there before.

    Plus forging links with Tweeters will give you the low down on unofficial naturist areas before you even get there so you can get a rough plan for your naturist idyll outlined.

    If you're not happy to ask them openly, once you Follow each other, you can ask questions via a DM (direct message) but I'd Tweet a bit first before you launch into naturism, it can be offputting to some. Naturism by stealth 🙂

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