23 thoughts on “shave pubic area ….. or not…. on you and/or others”

  1. I started trimming the pubes in summer maybe 5 years back and let it all regrow after. The last few years I have been experimenting with cock rings and ball stretchers and found that shaving my balls was a must.
    I do my cock and balls and trim the belly and legs as I am the hairiest man alive per some people. See crop circle above.

  2. I have been shaved for 9 years, but also shaved some in the past years but always let it grow back then, but not this time. More and more men are shaving their pubic areas than ever before. Many men shave their pubic areas because of their religious beliefs, such as Muslims, a fact I didn't know until a Muslim friend told me. It's cleaner, looks awesome, feels terrific. I have noticed that most die-hard nudist men shave their pubes. I also shave small circles around my nipples which is becoming a popular fad and have received many comments about that. I personally prefer shaved nipples over tattoos, but that is just me.

  3. I have shaved for years. My chest hair turned white when I was 45 so I started shaving that also. Now I just shave from the chest down to just above the knees. I really do like the feel of the smooth skin. Pubic hair can get messy, get in the way of pleasure, or it can hide a beautiful part of a man. Shaved looks cleaner, and to me it enhances a man.

  4. Personally, I shave, and have been since March of 1987, following hernia surgery. A nurse shaved me prior to the surgery, not just the surgical site, but all hair within roughly 15" of the site, including my scrotum, penis, stomach and thighs. Following the surgery, I ended up having the itchiness following being shaved for the first time, so as soon as I was able to get in the shower again, I started shaving, and do it to this day.

    Having said that, it is a personal choice, and its one that I make, and am comfortable with. However not everyone feels the same as I do, and that's fine.

  5. I don't like body hair on myself so I try to remove as much of my body hair as I can, But I have a beard!!! (it could be because I'm to lazy to shave everyday).. but it's a personal choice, Do whatever is right for you and don't worry about what other people think. Pete

  6. I trim the pubic area and shave my scrotum and penis. Not really into the smooth look on men so the resemble prepubescent boys. Not really a fan of the crop circle look of hairy men who shave their entire crotch area smooth while leaving everything else natural. Ladies smooth or nicely trimmed are good too.

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