She – Naked Poetry Book Three

I am ready to invite participation in my next Naked Poetry book. The book is divided into three sections (there will be three blog posts – one for each section) with the first section looking at the vulnerable, naked human female. The Naked Poetry series features a photo with every poem. I am looking for submission for ten poems for this "SHE" section. Any photo submitted must not be exhibitionist (I decide) nor lewd. Genitals are not to be the focus though that doesn't mean they aren't visible. The idea is to be the focus as the fifteen poems in the section are looking at the conscious development of a woman. The section focuses on the story of Aphrodite and Psyche. Submit as many photos as you think would fit the needs. I will, in the end only select one photo per person until I have the ten needed photos. There is no money to be made for you or for me. I keep the costs as low as I can (still too much in my opinion) so that I don't lose money – print-on-demand. Now, the needed photo scenes:

She – Naked Poetry Three Photo Plan

Photo 1 – Psyche – Feeling lonely and misunderstood in outdoor setting
Photo 2 – Psyche – the bride (maybe bouquet and veil)
Photo 3 – Psyche – the Knife/Sword – setting the weapon aside in favour of consciousness
Photo 4 – Psyche – the Light in the Darkness (candle, scented oil lamp, etc.)
Photo 5 – Psyche – Task One – Bringing order out of chaos – sorting scene
Photo 6 – Psyche – Task Two – Gathering gold – Twilight and gathering bits of cloth or wook in nature
Photo 7 – Psyche – Task Three – Filling a crystal goblet with water from a mountain stream, or in a tower going up the steps
Photo 8 – Psyche – Task Four – Opening empty jewelry box
Photo 9 – Psyche – the woman in the mirror
Photo 10 – Psyche – mother and daughter (two women appropriately aged to make representation work)

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