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Is it usual to need less sleep as we get older? I realise it probably has a lot to do with how active your body is through the day? But, for over 5 years now I am finding it rare to sleep more than 5 hours maximum. Often 4 hours see's me awake and ready to start the day. The downside is that from around 6pm I can doze off in seconds! I never nap for more than 20 mins, but it really is annoying my wife. All my doctor says is, "Your body gets the rest it needs to recharge & prepare for another day". So I will try not to doze off, I will try to stay in bed and sleeping for longer periods, but up to now I've had no success.
Is your sleep full of vivid stories in short snappy images? do you dream at all? It is a topic that interests me, the world of dreams (night time images in your sleep) is peculiar and not subject to any laws, manmade or otherwise. My mind often races through lots of pictures & odd small events, but in most cases I find it difficult to recall them afterwards. The one dream I have that happens quite often is about me walking naked around a garden maze! Twists & turns through head high bunches of flowers & overhanging green vegetation's. Then I become aware that I need to go out into the street to catch a bus, but my dilemma is should I go and get some pants to put on later or just run for the bus? One minute I'm enthralled by the garden conundrum and then off in a panic status. This is one dream I don't need to become a reality !

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  1. I am sleeping longer now and I don't understand why.
    I don't remember being nude or clothed as being an issue in my dreams. My "embarrassing dream moments" always included trying to find a clean toilet or being exposed while using one. Weird.

  2. I have always been naked in my dreams even as a child brought up in a very non-naturist family, and in those days it was more like a nightmare as even though nobody else in these dreams seemed worried or took any notice, I was terrified for some reason. It was many years later when I visited my first C/O beach and went naked, and wow – nobody took any notice (apart from the guy who sat about 10 feet away staring at me whilst masturbating – there's always one) and the world didn't stop. I'm still the only one barefoot and naked in my dreams, but I enjoy it now and there isn't usually anyone staring at me for any reason. These days I occasionally wake up with the horrific realisation that I was wearing shoes or worse, clothes during my nocturnal adventures – aaarrghh!!! but fortunately it doesn't happen very often.

    • Thanks Gordon, your dreams are very much like mine it seems. I think I only panic in my dreams when I appear to be going somewhere with lots of other people & I need to go & collect some clothes just in case I need to wear them. It is simply the rushing to conform that fills me with fears!

  3. I do a lot of physical work – planting trees at present and need my sleep – plenty of it.
    Regarding dreams I've always had a naked in public element to them but they are now different. Instead of being alarmed to find myself naked I now feel I can't be bothered to dress in my dreams. Something to do with WNBR and this site I guess 🙂

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