Snow Tanning

Monday I spent a couple of hours laying on a cot in 6 inches of snow. It’s melting quickly – finaly. It was warm enough to “bask” in the sun – till a cloud covered it. The rays were still weak so no sun burn.


It was great laying naked and feeling the cool breeze mixed with the warming rays of the sun. I also walked around abit, which was hard in the deeper snow, but easy in dried up spots.

I’m looking forward to more. Come on summer – bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Snow Tanning”

  1. When I was younger I sometimes went spring skiing wearing only shorts (commercial ski area). I found out that you can get badly sunburned while skiing. You get direct and reflected sun, and at high altitude on a mountain where it is stronger than at lower levels. Spring in the sun is fun, but watch out.

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