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Painting and papering the bedroom today. Got a quote from a decorator for 1200ukp so I feel well paid doing it myself. And how simply sensible to let the paint spray from the ceiling roller over my body, so easy to wash…

Today the weather forecast for uk was wild. 100mph in the north, 8degC feels like minus…but not in my back yard. Warm enough to take a break from the decorating and power wash the yard. It feels good to get splashed on my skin all up to the aucksters and know a quick hot shower will cleans all.

This evening I will be soldering some copper to set up a still.. The plumb harvest was so heavy this autumn that I need 20 litre vodka to make a liquer from them,,,, or slivovitz…. so decided to look up home distilling.

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  1. Soldering outside, mashing first stages indoors. That's cooking fermenting and first stripping run indoors. Yes it's literally called a Stripping Run.
    Step 1. Make a beer, step 2. boil it at below 200 deg and collect the "low wines" for step 3. distilling later outside in the garden.

    I have an old solid fuel stove, an Aga that stays on 24/7 so when it takes an all nighters I am cosy warm tending my Big Old Pot

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