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Learn to love your body. You only have one and everyone is beautifully unique! There is no such thing as a bad body unless you think like how news, media and magazines make you forced to think like them. Not one person is the same and we all have war scars that tell a story about what you went through in life. Stop reading them beauty magazines because they are photoshopped, added tons of makeup to make them look the way they do… so… in essence, they are turned from naturally beautiful to a fake. stop the body shame and hate. NOBODY is perfect and that makes it perfectly beautifully unique.

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  1. As someone who has always been self-conscious about my body – this message means a lot to me. I still have hangups about my body, but am trying hard to work through them and let them go. Thanks for this little reminder Scott 😉

    • Patrick "polite" is the key word. Any comment about someone's nude body can be quickly taken out of context. It would be rude ( or a bad idea) to tell a Nudist "you look beautiful" since this is a judgement.

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