Sun.. Sand.. small !

I lay almost motionless, pretending to sleep, the sun was almost directly over me, every person passing cast a shadow over my face. On Cap D'Agde beach in 1991 I lay naked and alone. All of my friends had gone to get drinks. I was left guarding just one bag & the towel I lay on. I had the bag strap around my wrist and a second strap ran to a large stone buried in the sand near my head.
I heard a variety of voices pass by, mostly French, some Spanish & a few English. One young female stood near me and blocked my sunlight. I kept my eyes closed for a moment. I heard her say, "Why has he got a large bag tied to him?" then an older female voice said, "He's possibly gay, he may be waiting for his woman to return, he may just be alone & strange?". My mind raced through those alternatives, I decided to let them know I was most certainly not gay. I opened my eyes, I got a momentary blindness as the sun's brightness filled my vision. Then I saw a tall willowy naked female with very long blonde hair, a smaller & much younger female, equally nude, stood with her foot almost onto the other bag strap. I sat up and both moved a step backwards in surprise. The older female took hold of the younger one's hand, then quietly said, "We have easy time to walk away, he is fat & lazy and his penis is small!"
I only remained stunned for a second before I replied, "Yes it is, there is nothing to make him rise up, he needs a sexy female to react to!"

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