That monthly feeling!

Lisa was always in a hurry to get her ‘house-work’ all cleared before she needed to go out. As usual she did it all naked or maybe with shorts on at certain times of the month. When she got up one day at that time of the month she felt particularly unwell, so she decided to cancel her afternoon work and stay home, she just needed to clean the hallway of dirty shoes & boots that had just been thrown in the corner, then the carpet needed hoovering. As she had just put all the shoes straight she felt dizzy & nauseas so she sat down on the bottom step of the staircase, without realising it she fainted! A few minutes later she felt a hand on her shoulder gently shaking her, she looked up to see Barry her friends partner, he asked “Are you ok? I did call out your name a few times but you didn’t answer?” Lisa gathered her thoughts and began piecing together what had happened & what was happening now. Barry told her “I came to fix that leaking tap in your bathroom, I knew you were home your back door was open, are you well, can I get someone for you?” Lisa managed to stand up and steadied herself holding Barry’s arm, her semi-nakedness didn’t bother her & Barry was more worried about her health. She then walked through to her kitchen and got one of her ‘magic pills’ to ease her sick feelings. She went to sit on the lounger by her patio door, she looked at the worried Barry, “I’ll be fine now thanks Barry, can you fix the tap please, will you ask Jenny to pop over if she has half an hour to spare please?”

Soon Jenny was at her side looking concerned she said ” I’ll stay with you a while, I know how you feel because the same happens to me sometimes, it’s probably a ‘heavy period’ for you, that’s usually the cause of my sick times.”  Jenny is a good friend to Lisa although Barry was rarely around, he worked long hours as a plumber for a local maintenance company. Jenny smiled and said to Lisa, “You worried Barry at first but I think you’ve really made him feel good, he’s attended a ‘sick’ half naked damsel in distress!” she laughed heartily. Lisa too managed a laugh, as she began feeling better she thanked her friend and got up to walk around a little. Barry came back from the bathroom, “All fixed, no more leaks and on this occasion there’s no charge!” he smiled and followed Lisa & Jenny back to the garden gate. Lisa gave Barry a hug & said “Thank you so much, my knight in shining armour!” Jenny in mock indignation said “Hey nudie, get off my man, look for another to drape yourself on!”.

Lisa soon felt fully recovered, (apart from her obvious monthly problem) she finished her cleaning and waited for her husband coming home, today was his half-day working, which worked out quite well this time, she had a story to tell him!

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