The Magic of Light

What is the light that makes me transparent
that illuminates everything
I know that it goes through even the stone
and makes it precious alabaster.

Light also goes inside us; it
flows along with the atoms, lighting up the photons.
Light doesn’t weigh. I don’t know how much its quantum is.
It scrutinizes our souls.

It rests on everything; it permeates everything
it almost seems not to touch; it is like a gaze.
It almost seems like a sound
that we hear when it reaches our ears.
We see nothing, but, indeed, it is there.
It seems almost like a breath, which we do not see,
but the lungs know well what it is.

Is life like this when it gives soul to a body?
An arrow that touches our heart and begins to pulsate,
that hits our mind and begins to think,
that vibrates in our chest, and we begin to love?

I am in awe of such beauty, and it all holds,
I am admired by so much beauty, and everything is held.
And I am in the present, as I have been and certainly will be.
Words cannot say everything,
but they point the finger to their sense, to their truth.

I contemplate a leaf gilded by the autumn sun,
And it looks even more beautiful now that it is about to fall,
as we, too, who drop a milk tooth
when already underneath another tooth pushes it.
A smile opens our lips for the great joy.
A great enthusiasm tightens our chest.

There is great magic in the world…and it feels like life.

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