The Return of Naktiv; adapting to the changes

Finally, Naktiv has returned! I was worried it was taken down because of legal reasons.

I’m trying my best to adapt to this new style that Naktiv has decided to adopt. To be more blog centered is nice, but it felt just a little nicer being a bit of a social media outlet. Either way, it still seems to be the best of the best.

Hopefully, within the next few months as we head for Spring and Summer, I will be able to visit the local nude beach for my first social nudism experience! I can’t wait to feel the spring or summer sun on my bare skin. I have been longing for the moment for so long. So far, all I have done is some home nudism. I have considered going to a nude swimming event held bi-weekly at a nearby swimming pool, but it’d probably be better to go there with a friend.

Anywho. It is nice to see everyone has, or is still returning to Naktiv. I hope the website continues to grow!

8 thoughts on “The Return of Naktiv; adapting to the changes”

  1. I agree, I can understand the reason to blog and make it more pushes out to the public. But for many of us this was a way of meeting people socially especially for those who were more restricted to practice nudism where they were. I think the new format will be gotten used to in the end. However it would also be great to bring back at least the message function so you can chat directly with people and make friends as you comment on the blogs.

  2. I have to agree with you Danielle. It just seemed easier, in the previous format, to communicate and meet with other nudists. I am sure other nudists live in my area but I have not met any. Naktiv was always and outlet to read of others nudist experiences and contribute where I could. I certainly appreciate the blog format but as yet I am not sure I have anything worthwhile to contribute. Perhaps the arrival of spring and summer will be an inspiration.

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