The Naked Pilgrim

My spiritual path has led me to become a pagan.
I talk to trees and commune with spirits out in nature.
Plants and rivers and mountains don't wear clothes, and I find that if I am to connect with the natural world I have to take my clothes off too.
Therefore I find myself out in the world with no clothes on.

An important part of spiritual paths are pilgrimmages. Getting off one's fat backside and walking somewhere or seeking someone or something.
I have been shown the way for a pilgrimmage that I must take.
In order to fit in with my spiritual beliefs I would like to do it naked. In that way it might work for me, it might advance my spirituality to a new level.

Yet I know that that could be a difficult thing to achieve. The walk is over one-hundred miles long through the heart of England.
I am not sure yet how naked I shall be when I do my pilgrimmage. I am still waiting for the necessary guidance from my friends the trees and streams.

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