The Nudist Conservative

I love two things with the same ardour: Our Lord Jesus Christ and Nudism. I don't see any divergence on this but my friends see a lot contradictions. The naked ones asked me if I am serious when I said I tend to go to the church every Sunday. My Catholic friends ask me about the apparent contradiction between the nudist and faith. I could no find any. Because i really feel that the evil begins in your mind and not by what you see. In general the more naked I am the more pure I feel. Is something strange. I don't know if you feel it the same but taking away my clothes makes me feel mor humble and naive. Like a child or someone like Prince Mischkin from Dostoievski's novel "The Idiot".

10 thoughts on “The Nudist Conservative”

  1. Putting clothes on the natives has been a standard Christian control dogma since its beginning. Its all bound up in their teaching of "sin" and shame that has to be absolved and forgiven by giving money to a priest.

  2. There was no reason for Adam and Eve to cover their bodies. No part of the human body is evil, shameful or sinful or we would be born clothed. Young children know this until they're told they must cover themselves. I don't think clothing was first worn by primitive humans because of shame, but for warmth and protection. Clothing later came to designate class or social status such as the garb worn by religous leaders, royalty, etc. I don't see why there would be any contradiction between nudism and faith, but I am not religious now.

  3. It used to be common to have nude baptisms. Nothing biblical other than a few admonitions to be modest against nudity. A and E sinned because of disobedience and then wouldn't take responsibility and didn't ask for forgiveness. Nature is God/dess.

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